Rs 25,000 fine for reckless driving, walking across rail tracks

A fine of Rs 25,000 will be imposed shortly on those who drive or walk across railway crossings recklessly, Civil Aviation and Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said. De Silva said new laws are being formulated to increase the fine in this regard.

The Minister made this observation in Parliament yesterday responding to a question raised by UPFA MP Douglas Devananda.

“Even in the level crossings protected by ‘bell and light’ system and gates, some people carelessly drive or walk across risking their own safety. People walk across and squeeze in their motor bicycles despite the gates being closed. That is why we thought of imposing heavy fine as a penalty,” the minister stated. The minister observing that there are 876 unprotected level crossings, said installation of ‘bell and light’ system for them will be completed by another two years. “Installation of the bell and light system to 200 level crossings is in progress and tenders will be called shortly for another 200,” he said. The minister also said a proposal has been made to pay an allowance of Rs 22,500 to selected families who volunteer to guard unprotected level crossings.

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