Doctor, his son behind paper leak

Police investigations have revealed that a doctor and his son were behind the leaking of three questions from the GCE A/L Chemistry paper recently.

Police said that the medical doctors had given one million rupees to a tuition master currently in hiding and told him to help his son who was sitting the examination answer the questions and score high marks.

The doctor’s son while answering the chemistry paper had sent the three questions via a mobile phone to the tuition master, who after providing the answers to the questions had then printed and got them distributed near the main schools and places where tuition classes were held in Gampaha town, police said.

The brother of the tuition master revealed how the questions had been leaked.

A court order would be obtained to prevent the tuition master fleeing the country, a senior police officer said.

Two special teams had been deployed to arrest the tuition master who had fled the area, police said.

Police have already identified the suspect doctor and his son and their identity would be revealed once the main suspect was taken into custody, investigators said.

The CID is conducting further investigations.

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