Police have power to arrest Namal: Court

Alleged threat to FCID official:

Colombo Additional Magistrate Chandana Kalansuriya yesterday observed that Police have the power to arrest Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa over a cognisable offence, for allegedly threatening and reprimanding an official attached to the Police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID) on August 15.

Filing a facts report in Court, the FCID sought an order to issue notice on Namal Rajapaksa to appear in Court for allegedly threatening and reprimanding FCID Sub Inspector Shantha Lalith who was an investigative officer concerning a misappropriation of Rs.70 million belonging to Krrish Company by Namal Rajapaksa.

In his complaint to the IGP, the Sub Inspector alleged that Namal Rajapaksa threatened and reprimanded stating “You big belly man has eaten the FCID, we are waiting till our government comes”.

The FCID had begun an inquiry regarding an incident following a complaint by Sub-Inspector to the Inspector General of Police.

The incident has happened when MP Namal Rajapaksa accompanied his brother Rohitha Rajapaksa to the FCID who arrived at the FCID to be questioned for launching a satellite, (Supreme SAT) in 2012 from the ‘Xi Chang’ launch centre in China.

The FCID filed a B report in court alleging that MP Namal Rajapaksa had committed punishable offences come under section 8 and 9 of Protection of Victims of Crime and Witnesses Act No. 4 of 2015

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