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Over the last decade, e-commerce sales have grown on average 19% per year globally, far faster than offline retail. Even during the dark days of 2009 on the international level when retail sales shrank 2%, e-commerce vendors grew sales 1.4%, capitalizing on price-sensitive and increasingly Web-savvy consumers to continue to gain market share. So while traditional retailers have been struggling to survive, forward-thinking online merchants have unleashed a wave of innovation that is improving the economics of e-commerce.

In last few years, e commerce in the South Asian region has grown at a phenomenal rate. The e-commerce boom is resulting in a sudden explosion of interest in the sector. In addition to the numerous local e-commerce sites, many bricks and mortar companies are jumping on the bandwagon as well. A majority of such traditional brick and mortar companies have not even had a company website until now, and e-commerce will truly be their first taste of what the world of Internet and e-commerce can offer. In this article, we would be analyzing the leading e-commerce companies in Sri Lanka that are having a huge impact in shaping the retail business on the internet.

1. is Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organization with a market share of 70% in the e-commerce sector and is recognized as the pioneer in Sri Lankan e-commerce industry. With its own fulfillment service and unique inventory, it is the most trusted name when it comes to e-commerce in Sri Lanka. The company started with a single employee, and within a very short span, it has more than 200 employees, who are ensuring to provide the consumers with over 15000 products and over 30 types of distinct services, and thus setting the bar for e-commerce footprint in Sri Lanka.

In addition to providing products and services through traditional e-commerce, Kapruka also pioneered a new online platform named Kapruka Global Shop that enables Sri Lankans to order any item from global e-commerce giants such as Amazon, E-bay, Flipkart, and Alibaba. Kapruka has developed a patented online price simulator that shows a clear breakdown of Sri Lanka’s taxes and duty for a given online product link.

It also offers a huge variety of products in competitive departments such as electronics, clothing, homeware, stationery, mobile phones, computer accessories for same or lower price than store by retailers.

Kapruka user-friendly shopping website is also a feature for which they are known. The website always indicates very current and up to date information about the products available in their store and is a convenient option for those living both Sri Lanka and abroad to make purchases or to deliver gifts to loved ones in Sri Lanka for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.


is one of Sri Lanka’s youngest and fastest growing e-commerce websites that provides the online shoppers the facility to shop at their convenience and offers a constantly expanding range of Retail Electronic Categories, Cosmetics, Fancy items and much more. It provides a Safe Online Shopping environment and offers various payment options and secure warranty commitments as well. are the pioneers of showroom-based online shopping malls in Sri Lanka. What they do is that, at any given time, all products are displayed on their online store, and all these products are also available at their physical store as well. The reason is that, if ever they feel the need, customers can visit the store and ensure that what they see is what they get. is becoming popular among its customers due to its wide array of product offerings, value for money, timely delivery, easy payment modes and outstanding customer service.

3. is one of the very first websites in Sri Lanka that offers a wide range of deals, original products with warranty, multiple payment options and island wide delivery, striving to offer its customers the complete shopping experience.

After its establishment in 2011, the company has since grown into a leading e-commerce company active in Sri Lanka’s industry, catering to both international and local consumers. It is utilizing a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals, that in performance with the extensive resources of, provides e-commerce experience to both merchants and consumers across a variety of products and services.

The online mall of has a catalog of over 3,500 products, from over 100 recognized retailers. It gives consumers the opportunity to order from a broad selection of original merchandise and big brands from international and local sellers, with warranty and island-wide delivery. The Mall has a variety of secure payment methods such as Credit Card transactions, Cash, Pay on Delivery, EZ Cash, and direct operator billing.

4. is another leading e-commerce competitor in Sri Lanka that offers daily deals on the stuff to do, eat, see, stay and buy online. Using its websites, it connects buyers and sellers in a way it claims to be a win-win situation for both parties. While consumers enjoy great deals and share them with family and friends via word-of-mouth and viral marketing, merchants gain new customers and publicity at zero risks. is an e-commerce venture that focuses specifically on selling deals. Modeled on the Groupon concept, the website sells discount vouchers from suppliers of a variety of products. These range from the usual electrical items and kitchen appliances to clothes, shoes, cupcakes, mugs, hotel rooms, restaurant tables, movie tickets and even helicopter rides. Customers book “vouchers” online and print them out to pick up items from the MyDeal store, claim delivered goods, or – in the case of travel, entertainment and other experiences – present to suppliers.

MyDeal founders imply they are satisfied with the ten-percent of available market space they have captured with 500,000 registered users since the end of 2012 to date, but the scale is essential for the sustenance of e-commerce businesses, and in that regard, Karpuka has a huge advantage.


The word “Takas” means quickly, and is promising delivery in Colombo and other suburbs within three days. Takas is one of the first Sri Lankan e-commerce company to offer mobile friendly websites in Sri Lankan e-commerce industry.

Since its inception, has grown to one of the top contenders in the eCommerce industry in the island with more than 4000+ electronics products now which you can choose from, and 2000+ products in areas of apparel, personal care, car care, home appliances just to name a few. provide a very easy to use platform for the consumer to buy online. Being the pioneer’s in introducing Cash on Delivery to Sri Lanka, it gives the users the facility to use either cash or card to purchase. Furthermore, have 0% financing from some of the major banks in Sri Lanka thus giving the convenience of letting you buy what you want and paying how you want.

Another advantage it has got is the fact that regardless of where you live in Sri Lanka, you get the product delivered right to your doorstep.

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