The Pot of Curd.

Wife uses pot of curd to save husband from gunman.

A story of a brave wife who fought with an armed assailant to save her husband’s life is reported from Baddagama.

After she had hit the gunman with a pot of curd, the latter fled, leaving a gun and a mobile phone, police said.

Two suspects had arrived on a motorbike and one of them entered a house at Goadwatte in Baddegama around 4.45 am on Saturday and shot at the householder who was sleeping in the front room. The gun shot injured the upper right arm of the victim, who is a former a sailor.

On hearing the gun shot and struggle, the victim’s wife who was sleeping in another room rushed to the husband’s room and attacked the assailant with a pot of curd.

The police said that three shots had been fired by the attacker. One of the shots injured the householder while others missed the target. His condition was not serious and was being treated at the Karapaitiya teaching hospital, the police said.

Police suspect that the shooting incident is a result of a long-standing dispute. They have identified the attackers.

Baddegama police are conducting further investigations.

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