Electrical engineers warn about Kerawalapitiya tender; 15 billion loss

The Engineers’ Association of the Ceylon Electricity Board stated that, if the recommendations made by the Technical Assessment Committee on the proposed Kerawalapitiya power plant are disregarded, a decision on the future participation of the association in technical assessment committees will be made.

Speaking to our news team, its President, Saumya Kumaarawadu stated that the government will incur a loss exceeding 15 billion rupees annually if the recommendations of the technical committee are disregarded.

The government called for tenders for the power plant in Kerawalapitiya with a capacity of 300 MW.

The technical committee recommended six companies out of the eight companies that had responded and further recommended that one company out of the six be selected, considering the prices submitted.

However, the tender board had opened only one tender of the recommended six tenders, for which the other companies have objected.

However, due to such practices, meeting the need for another power plant in future would be difficult even though the electricity demand will increase in the coming years due to dry weather conditions.

The president of the Engineers Association of the Ceylon Electricity Board, Saumya Kumarawadu stated that, if tenders are called once again, it will likely affect the electricity demand of the country.

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