AG to act on 80 major corruption cases soon – PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday vowed that the Attorney General would initiate action against more than 80 high profiled persons, including politicians, who have been charged with corruption.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe came out with this information when a group of people approached him outside the Dalada Maligawa, when he was coming out after attending religious ceremonies at the historic temple.

Religious programmes were held at the Dalada Maligawa to mark the 40th anniversary of him becoming an MP.

The people who approached him questioned as when action would be taken against those who had been charged with corruption.

“More than 80 investigations on corruption have been completed and had been handed over to the Attorney General and he will take appropriate action in due course,” the Premier told the people.

Earlier, he pledged that development work in the hill capital including the constitution of Central Highway would be expedited.

He said the project would be partly funded by the Sri Lankan Government, Japan and China.

Further, he told the Most Venerable Maha Nayake Theras of the Asgiriya and Malwatthu Chapters that the Government would undertake the renovation of Golden Canopy of Dalada Maligawa.

He pledged to renovate the Golden Canopy, which was constructed during the era of late President Ranasinghe Premadasa.

The Most Venerable Anu Nayake Thera, who held an Anusasana said the Buddhist clergy trusted that the Government would not do any harm to Buddhism.

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