VC held captive; Tense situation at Eastern Uni

A tense situation prevailed at the Eastern University on Tuesday (8) when a large group of students surrounded the university’s administrative building ‘Senate House’ and held it’s Vice Chancellor (VC) captive, citing certain demands.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror over the phone last night (9) Vice Chancellor Prof. T. Jayasingam said a group of students had forcibly entered the university’s Senate House on Tuesday evening and had forcibly occupied it blocking all exits.

The VC said he had been held captive and had not been allowed to leave the Senate House by the students over several demands including the provision of adequate hostel facilities.

During the melee that had ensured a security officer had suffered a fractured arm. University property was also damaged by the students, the VC alleged.

Prof. Jayasingam said the police was informed about the incident and arrived on the scene but they had failed to bring the situation under control and release him and his staff. The rest of the staff had been allowed to leave the premises later on leaving behind, he said.

Meanwhile, Eravur Police said a situation had been reported about some 200 Second Year students who had entered the administrative building by force in protest as they have not been allowed to sit for their examinations by the university administration.

They said the students had launched a protest inside the university premises and had moved into the administration building, the Senate House.

The police said that they have already deployed several teams at the scene but had failed in their bid get the VC of the university released.

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