China donates 293,000 USD worth equipment to parliament

The China has donated 290,000 USD worth of computer equipment to bolster the parliament to parliament ties between China and Sri Lanka.

The donation was carried out by the Chinese ambassador Yi Xianliang on Friday (4) in the presence of the Speaker of Parliament Karu Jayasuriya. The donations were gracefully accepted by the Speaker of Parliament who went on to express his thanks to the Chinese ambassador.

He stated that to date, over 100 Sri Lankan parliamentarians had the opportunity to visit China on varied programs with the support of the Chinese government.

Jayasuriya further stated that 15 parliament members will be visiting China to attend a program on Disaster management.

The Chinese ambassador stated that he encourages Sri Lankan parliamentarians to visit China and that he encourages Chinese companies to invest in the island nation to help strengthen ties between the two countries.

The equipment which included office materials and laptops was donated by the state-owned China National Corporation for Overseas Economic Cooperation.

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