Special precautions taken to eradicate dengue near examination centers

The examinations department has implemented a special course of action for the prevention of dengue in close proximity to all GCE Advanced Level and Grade 5 scholarship examination centers.

A statement was released stating that these precautionary measures were taken to curtail the alarming growth of dengue patients and for the protection of all students facing the Advanced level and scholarship examinations.

It has been decided to conduct a mosquito ‘fogging’ program throughout all examination centers before the examinations commence so as to not hinder the smooth running of the examinations.

Additionally with the assistance of the provincial health services, the examinations department will conduct several island wide awareness campaigns to promote dengue prevention.

Further to prevent children from being harmed by mosquitoes during the course of exams, the department has urged all parents to take necessary steps to safeguard the surroundings of their children.

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