Wedding ends in tragedy: three drown in a well in Giriulla

Three persons have reportedly drowned after falling into a well at Athuruwela in Giriulla.

Police said that at around 11.00pm last night an individual attending a wedding at a reception hall in Athuruwela had fallen into a well located within the premises which had been covered up with planks.

Two people had attempted to rescue him using a rope and a ladder, however they too had fallen into the well.

The three individuals were rushed to the Dambadeniya Hospital by the other attendees of the wedding reception. However, they were pronounced dead on admission.

The deceased are aged 38, 39 and 41 while they are residents of Athuruwala and Marawita.

The bodies have been placed at the Dambadeniya Hospital and the postmortem examinations are to be carried out today.

Giriulla Police has launched an investigation into the incident.

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