Angoda Lokka runs extortion op here from Indian jail

Investigations by Mirihana Special Crimes Operations Unit have revealed that underworld kingpin Lasantha Chandana Perea alias Angoda Lokka, who is currently serving a jail term in India, uses a mobile phone to run an extortion racket here.

The underworld character has made calls to several rich businessmen and threatened them with death if they don’t part with money. He has ordered his thugs to harass the businessmen who do not obey his orders, police investigators say.

The gang members of Angoda Lokka shot at a shop belonging to a businessman at Mulleriyawa New Town on July 13 as he has refused to pay protection money. The businessman had been asked to pay Rs 2.5 million but he did not obey, the police said.

Mirihana Special Crimes Operations unit members took into custody a criminal known as Petihyagoda Sanka, an ally of Angoda Lokka, on July 16.

Angoda Lokka, who led an attack on a prison bus, killing seven persons including another underworld character known as Ranale Samayan, fled to India a few months ago. While he was traveling using a false passport he was arrested by Indian authorities last June. He was produced before Indian courts and jailed there. He had access to mobile phones, which he used to issue death threats to businessmen, police said.

Police said they were looking for three other persons involved in the July 13 shooting incident.

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