Two students drown after boat topples in Mavil Aru

Two school children have drowned after a boat toppled in Mavil Aru in Seru Nuwara.

Police said that the incident had occurred at around 10.15am this morning (15).

A group of around 80 students and teachers from a school in Kurunegala had visited the Mavil Aru Anicut today as part of a school excursion.

Six of these students had reportedly climbed on to a boat which was near the anicut and attempted to ride it. However, the boat had toppled throwing all six of them into the water.

Several other students nearby managed to rescue the six students while two of them were rushed to the Seru Nuwara Hospital due to being unconscious.

These two students, aged 11 and 18, who are from Kekunagolla and Kuruweekotuwa, were pronounced dead by doctors at the hospital.

Seru Nuwara Police has commenced an investigation into the incident.

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