Everyone including President talking about the Police: IGP

Police Chief Pujith Jayasundara has said that not only President Maithripala Sirisena but everyone else was talking about the Police.

He said this while responding to several questions asked by journalists during a news conference held at the Temple Trees.

The conversation was follows:

Journalist: The President has discussed about the Police at a Cabinet meeting saying the Police is ineffective.

IGP: The President can say anything.

Journalist: The President has said this about your department.

IGP: As a disciplined officer, I cannot express views on the President’s remarks.

Journalist: But the President has discussed your department.

IGP: There is no such department at present. The President has talked about the Sri Lanka Police. Not only the President but even others are talking about the Police.

Journalist: However, there is an issue when the head of the State makes such criticism.

IGP: No, the problems arise if we consider them problems. We have to fulfill our responsibilities. That is what has to be done.

Journalist: In your opinion, have you fulfilled your responsibilities?

IGP: Certainly

Journalist: Then, why are those accused of corruption not being punished yet, even after two years?

IGP: The relevant investigations cannot be revealed. As the IGP, I am saying with responsibility that we are conducting the investigations in an impartial manner.

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