Facebook fans drug party:Police busted 29 youths

The Badulla Police has busted 29 youths who were engaging in illicit behaviour at a hotel in Hali-Ela area today at a function organize by the Facebook fan community, police said. On a tip-off received police officers attached to the Badulla Police Station had raided the hotel and arrested the youths between ages 18 – 30 years old with 1195mg heroin, 6,500mg cannabis, two tablets and intoxicated stamps in their possession. Police said that the suspects were identified from coming from Balangoda, Bandarawela and Badulla.

It was reported, the youths had organised a facebook friends’ DJ party where over 200 youths had participated. Students from leading schools in Badulla were among those who were nabbed.

Badulla Police is conducting further investigation under the guidance of SSP Dammika Weerasekara. S

uspects are to be produce before the Badulla Magistrate Courts tomorrow.

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