Minor driven Benz topples on Vajira Road

A luxury Mercedes Benz driven by a 15-year-old boy who did not possess a driver’s license turned turtle on the Vajira Road yesterday afternoon causing no injuries to the driver or any pedestrian.

The vehicle that had come in a high speed from Thunmulla Junction had taken a sharp right turn to the Vajira Road causing it to topple on the road and crashed into a lamp post, the police said.

Bambalapitiya Police Traffic Branch officials who were conducting inquiries learnt that the brand new car had been driven by an underage boy related to a top official of a leading private bank and insurance agency.

The white color Benz had received extensive damage in the accident with its driver found unharmed and was placed under the custody of the Police. The police had reportedly received several phone calls from certain high profiled individuals demanding to release the teenager and the vehicle, but the Bambalapitiya Police did not heed to their plead. The boy’s parents were soon informed about the accident and he had later been released on police bail.


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