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How could we know if he eats Hamburger or not??
Saturday, 10 July 2010 - 1:43 PM SL Time

There has been reports that Weerawansa slipping out in the night for short breaks from his high profile drama site in Colombo...!

How would one know if he gobble up a hamburger, wadei, dosa, of just good ole Bath during these mysterious disappearances??

One way is to see how long he will go on before GOING, GOING, and GONE...!

According to pundits, a human can live without food anywhere up to half a year... depending on the initial condition...!

This WW guy seems to have been well fed, prior to his drama started... thus, even without the assumption he would gobble up some goodies in the whee hours under the darkness, he could easily go on 6 months....or many be 7 months...!

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