Final Salute to a Honorable, Respectable, Courageous Soldier, Maj. Gen. Samantha Sooriyabandara.

  • 22 Aug 2012 12:13:29 GMT


    [sent him on compulsory leave for not contributing to their corrupt ways]

    thought it was `cos of helping SF in the elections he was sent on compulsory leave..

  • 22 Aug 2012 14:40:16 GMT

    [thought it was `cos of helping SF in the elections he was sent on compulsory leave..]

    This is correct. He was the CO of Commando I and II during and before the war and was well liked by his men. He died in Aus. It is said that he hit the bottle badly after leaving the SLA.

  • 22 Aug 2012 14:59:30 GMT

    Politics aside, any soldier who served the nation honorably deserves to be respected. May Maj. Gen. Samantha Sooriyabandara attain the ultimate bliss!

  • 22 Aug 2012 16:57:37 GMT

    It is with deep sadness that I am writing this after hearing about Soori`s death. I`ve known him from the early eighties up until the late 90`s and we`d frequently meet at SSC and Colts. After than I met him only once at the BMICH when someone came and tapped on my shoulder. To see it was Soori.

    Rest in peace Soori until we meet again. I will have a drink on your behalf tonight machan, Cheers!

    Ado Adhil,

    Don`t make up stories against a dead man you effing slimy dork. Everyone in the forces have a good drink and that doesn`t mean we`re `hitting the bottle` like the way you have put it. As soldiers we know our limits and are disciplined.

    If you tell that in front of me against this dead beloved friend of mine, I`d really hope Allah is there to protect your mouth.

  • 22 Aug 2012 21:51:19 GMT

    May Maj. Gen. Samantha Sooriyabandara attain Nibbana !

  • 22 Aug 2012 23:39:24 GMT

    It was a very sad situation that this great Officer passed away. I have closely seen how he operated during the 1st wave from Muhamalai to capture the LTTE first bund. lost 8 tanks and many died but it was not his fault purely a bloody political decision to go from bottled neck Muhamalai.I`ve seen in some articles that some dumb idiots who dont know about war fare comparing to Gen Cluster, Cluster knew he is leading his men to deth not Gen Sooriyabandara He simply dislikely obeyed the orders from the top which obviously political decisions (can gurantee 100% as a officer closely involved with most of the top ranked officers from SFHQ - J during and after the operation until met together at EPS) Please don`t insult a man who fought for his country and led men well trough out. Also any one who served know that 53 DIV cannot be commanded by a ordinary (It includes the Elite Air Mobile and was A RSF). Salute you with great respect Sir, May you attain nibbana.

  • 23 Aug 2012 02:17:18 GMT


    He had been on his exercise bicycle doing the routine ride when he got a heart attack. This is from a very reliable source.

  • 23 Aug 2012 02:18:06 GMT

    Shamal and BigD,

    Nicely put!

  • 23 Aug 2012 03:04:03 GMT

    Laliths, thank you for this wonderful contribution to Maj. Gen. Samantha Sooriyabandara. We should never forget officers like Maj. Gen. Sooriyabandara who served and fought for the country. RIP sir.

  • 23 Aug 2012 03:31:38 GMT

    May Maj. Gen. Sooriyabandara attain Nibbana !

    Shamal: Dont you think the manner he was treated by the top after all his sacrifices might have affected him badly. ?