Praba s house owner surfaces - Sri Lanka

  • 6 May 2010 21:25:56 GMT

    [All these days it was said that the butcher tiger terrorist was living in luxury underground bunkers like a rat and not in a house like any other human being...]

    It`s a known fact that VP never stayed in one place for long periods for very obvious reasons.

    VP in fact had lived in an airconditioned bunker which was shown on TV. The AC unit was housed above ground in a cadjan shed with the piping running down into the bunker.

    In one particular house he had supposedly occupied was a swimming pool!!

    This house must have been the house he last lived. May have been the last few days before finding refuge in the mangroves of the nandikadal lagoon where ultimately he had his brains blasted.

    The dream eelamites are busy setting up there PTGTE or whatever to begin their fund raising activities to buy them the luxuries of the west rather than use it for the benefit of those living in the NE. That is the furthest thing in the minds of these eelamites as they want those living in the NE to suffer as that way they are able to sell the sorry suffering story to the west, justify their refugee claims, continue with the human smuggling operations with the refugee name board while earning millions of dollars and also they are able to carry on fund raising for the purpoted `liberation struggle`.

    It`s all business for the diaspora eelamites while those in the NE suffer. Now things are different. Those in the NE are now living lives free of terror and intimidation by the LTTE. They do not have to fear of forceful conscriptiuon of their children whom the LTTE took away as cannon fodder. Anyone living in the NE is free to move about anywhere in the country at anytime. The railtrack which the LTTE completely destroyed is now being relayed by the govt for the benefit of those living in the NE. Do the diaspora eelamites contribute to any of these releif activities that are being done by the govt for those living in the NE???????NO!! Why?????? The reason is the diaspora eelamites want those in the NE to live miserable lives and suffer as that is the foundation of the eelamites to justify their purpoteed liberation struggle.

    The govt is doing everything possible to put the lives of those on the NE back on track which no doubt is being resented by the diaspora eelamites. They do not want SL to prosper, they do not want Sri Lankans including the tamils living in the NE to have a good life.