Sri Lanka President returns after successful SAARC summit

  • 30 Apr 2010 20:26:40 GMT


    As I think, MR. Brown has to limit senior membership to people those who stay in LNP for some duration. If not, as you asked, if he opens abuse reporting right for any new member, there is a risk that some dirty-mined people will only come here to complain against others.

    Move on man...., and try to adjust to this place. There are many who write very near-filth and dirty stuff. Mr. Brown gives a good try, but he cant go after all the cases perhaps.

  • 30 Apr 2010 20:35:44 GMT

    Lanka no more SAARC Chairman no? There, Now I talking politics in Politic forum. I have no abuse my pirivelijas.

    Lanka gataya,

    You angry with Lankadeepa Boss no?

    No point get angry. Get even.

    Cut pork on pigs back.

    Hit with your mole. See that word good Oxford Engris word no?

    Aaaa you from Maradana I from Kolonnawe.

    We join and shout.

    You shout shout like Silbiris drunk on Kava

    Them Lankadeepa pepol say hari kade

    Then Lankadeepa pepol tell shut up.

    Serves no pupose.

    Hope you unnerstan what I mean. I say from Goniman experience.

  • 30 Apr 2010 20:58:43 GMT

    Lanka Pride sir

    Me no come happenna with you

    I come in peace

    I simple man from Koloonawe

    I colombo kaakka from Colombo 8

    You Colombo Kaakka from Colombo 10

    5km diffrence no?

    Why you need see diffrences

    Look for common grounds

    Humour is common ground

    Reach out across and reduce the gap

    Anger makes me blind

  • 30 Apr 2010 21:02:42 GMT

    What a excitement it was.....kiwis won it.

  • 30 Apr 2010 21:02:49 GMT

    Chill out LankaPride ..

    When people flash their true colours.. just take note :) there is only so much hiding one can do behind their handles :)

  • 30 Apr 2010 21:08:57 GMT

    [When people flash their true colours.. just take note :) there is only so much hiding one can do behind their handles :) ]

    LP, dont rush take things cool.

    you are new to the forum.

    no point abuseing other, insulting another, just enjoy expose those, and contribute to the good one.

  • 30 Apr 2010 21:12:28 GMT

    Lanka Pride sir

    I old man normali talk to ma self

    So when somebodies even tell me go away I happi that person talk to me


    What if Lankaddepa Boss no ring the bell

    Where we go

    If we no come

    What would Lankadeepa boss do

    Kaakka on haraka (no mind ela or kalu, haraka is karaka no?)

    A symbiotic relationship.

  • 30 Apr 2010 21:13:10 GMT


    [In the incident, Ruchira wrote, Uge Rassawa.]

    oya RUCHIRA kiyana eka awith Sinhala kotiyek... once he was complaining that he had to bribe a SL police officer while traveling but at the same time he had no problem and even commended on how he had to pay taxes to the LTTE when he was going in their naturally he must have pressed the button on you.. oka ohoma thama gannan ganna epa...meke innawa thawa Sinhala koti kihipa denek.. umba meke thawa poddak kalaya gatha karama hoya ganna puluwan A kawuda kiyala:))) fact even Dr.Brian Senewiratne is writing here as well...

  • 30 Apr 2010 21:17:12 GMT

    [I did not abuse anybody here.... ]

    then no problem....just move on.

    as i told you Mr.Brown cannot monitor each and every block.....when he finds it everything over.

    this was happening through out....just learn it and move ahead.

  • 30 Apr 2010 21:18:49 GMT

    [ fact even Dr.Brian Senewiratne is writing here as well...]