Tamils face return to Sri Lanka in UN review

  • 12 Apr 2010 06:16:47 GMT

    During the resettlement process one of the very important concern, which can not be ignored is the marriage contract between many refused in the Indian citizens across the camp. There are many issues which need to be answered by both Indian and Sri Lankan government. What would happened to the validity of their marriage with Indians? How about the Citizenship requirements, if the married ones prefer to stay back the Indian? How about children born their couples? One should remember `HUMANISM IS THE VALUE`.


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  • 12 Apr 2010 20:52:18 GMT

    [What would happened to the validity of their marriage with Indians?]

    Nothing happens to the validity of marriage. A marriage is valid in any any country regardless of where one gets married provided the legal formalities required for a valid marriage in that country are adhered to.

    If an Indian marries a non Indian citizen and if the Indian law permits such spouse to apply and obtain citizenship in India the spouse could get Indian citizenship and stay on in India.

    However for a SL citizen who marries a non SL citizen it is not easy getting citizenship as there are many conditions that have to be fulfilled to obtain citizenship. It is not impossible though.

    [How about children born their couples?]

    Usually any child born in any country reagrdless of the parents bing citizens of that country automatically becomes entitled to ciizenship of that country. However there could be exceptions to the rule in some countries. Usually if one of the parents is a citizen of that country then the child too gets citizenship of that country.

    However if the father of the child is a Sri lankan citizen then the birth of the child can be notified to the nearest SL Mission and the birth could be registered in SL entitling the child to SL citizenship. However the notification has to be done within 3 months of the birth or else reasonable explanation has to be provided as to why the notice of birth could not be given within three months.

    If one spouse refuses to leave India and no convincing or mediation or reconciliation is successful in making the spouse change the stand then it would indicate an irrenconcilable breakdown in that marriage and divorce will be the only option. That too if irreconcilable breakdown is a cause for divorce in India.

    In Sri Lanka it is not and one has to base the case either on malicious dissertion, incurable impotency or what is known as pre-nuptial struptum which means where the woman having been pregnent by another man before marriage gives birth within 9 months after marriage.