Sri Lanka counts votes in poll set to back president

  • 8 Apr 2010 21:53:44 GMT

    Now, the struggle is for the post of prime minister post...!

  • 8 Apr 2010 21:55:43 GMT

    The Nallur Kanthan must have given the blessing to Mahinda Rajapakse. Even none of the so-called `Tamil nationalist` leaning politicians showed such piety.

    In India, the people worship the politicians and even build kovils for them. And the politicians treat the Citizens of the State like the old Kings treated their subjects: subjects `greatful` to have the presence of the King amongst them.

    In Sri Lanka, President Rajapakse has shown, that to lead, you must rule by example. I just hope he gets the 2/3 majority and puts the `house in order` and keeps his promise to trim the Cabinet to 40. Even 40 is too much. He should aim for a Cabinet of 20 ministers or less.

  • 8 Apr 2010 21:57:08 GMT


    [How about a translation for non-Tamil speakers please? I`ve tried making your green coconut sambal many times, I just cannot get it right.]

    That is a good suggestion. I will ask her if she can do that. Sooner or later, she will post her stuff in .com site. I will make sure it has both Tamil and English versions of her recipes. As for the short stories, they cannot be really translated. At least not by either of us. The nuances will be lost in the translation. I have come to realize that she is a better writer than me (except I don`t write short or long stories).

    Good luck guys on the Election Results. GTG.

  • 8 Apr 2010 22:06:58 GMT


    Its something different from other 2 places already gave results.

    If UNP and DNA combined, UPFA won the seat only by about 850 votes.

    Is this the place for Sanath...?


  • 8 Apr 2010 22:09:27 GMT

    Is the regime changed yet...???? :o)))

  • 8 Apr 2010 22:12:16 GMT

    [Is the regime changed yet...???? :o)))]

    Not until the computer jilmart is completed...:-)

  • 8 Apr 2010 22:14:22 GMT

    Palamadulla,..DNA lost very badly, only 1.6%

    It has a good % of turnout too, like Matara, over 64%.

  • 8 Apr 2010 22:34:52 GMT

    UNP is the biggest loser so far. SF got more votes than the damn UNP.

    UPFA has gained in some places from the results so far.

    DNA had made slight gains but not enough to make any dents.

    If this trend continues UPFA will surely get 2/3rd.

  • 8 Apr 2010 22:35:33 GMT

    Amendments should be made with the aim of strengthening the Democracy. Executive Presidency is a curse !

  • 8 Apr 2010 22:37:24 GMT


    UPFA - United People s Freedom Alliance 33113 72.72

    UNP - United National Party 9971 21.9

    DNA - Democratic National Alliance 2212 4.86

    results of computer jilmart