Join UPFA for better tomorrow - Namal Rajapaksa

  • 6 Apr 2010 16:17:37 GMT

    What this young man knows about `Politicks`.This is the biggest joke in the world. Father was `Hooted` all over the island as father was going to pretend his `Foolishness` and inefficiency.

  • 6 Apr 2010 16:58:52 GMT

    [What this young man knows about `Politicks`.This is the biggest joke in the world. Father was `Hooted` all over the island as father was going to pretend his `Foolishness` and inefficiency.]

    Tsunamiking, what the hell are you on about man? What foolishness and inefficiency are you referring to? As for Namal, yes I can agree with you but this is how Mahinda Rajapakse also started, his dad was a well known MP from the South, Mahinda entered politics when he probably knew very little about `Politicks` as a young man but look at what he achieved years later. By the way, it is reported that Mahinda was hooted at by a section of the Sinhalese supporters of his own candidate, for speaking in Tamil. Go figure, as they say.

  • 6 Apr 2010 20:15:27 GMT

    [ rally at the Sanath Jayasuriya Stadium on Sunday.

    Is Sri Lanka the only country in the world to have places in the names of living individuals???????

  • 6 Apr 2010 21:17:48 GMT


    I believe my friend it is not how you started make a correct leader but how he made his team to the `Victory`.Also you ask me mo to look back and see Mahinda`s achivement I cannot see any achivement other than `Making the Country from Fryingpan to Fire` , because of his foolish advisors and family member.When he given orders to go to war against LTTE I was the leading writer praising his actions to the leading Foreign Newspapers, but after kick out the war he completely changed and forget about all the supporters to win the war and try to `Build Up His Family` as a dictator, that is how he lost the confidence of the citizens.If he realy look back and correct his mistakes , I will back to him again.It is the way good leader`s behave, not like a `Barking Dog`.Even some times I have written when Tsunami Funds case came up aginst the President, we can forget out that as compansation we paid this Great man as a reward to finish `LTTE`.

  • 6 Apr 2010 22:59:13 GMT


    I like to continua as you said Mahinda`s dad politicks in `Down South` , he was a rural leader but because of the bad situation in then `SLFP `commanded by `Bandaranayaka`s Family` he could not do any thing to develop the area until `Premadasa Addministration` took over this area and developed.I believe you can remember until Premadasa developed the main roads leading to `Kataragama` with his `Gamudawa` projects we have to cross Hambantota `Daytime `only, because the undeveloped main road was not good enough to travel as `Whiled Elephants` attack motor vehicles because the old road was going threw thick jungles. As Mahinda`s dads incapability to develop this areas Beliatta to Tissamaharama became the `Janatha Vimulthi Peramuna`s` kingdom and in 1983 I could see ` Burnt Human Flesh` of killed youths on the `Tire Crematoriums` were eaten by stray dogs. I do not know where was our `Mahinda` or `Defend Secretary` or `Basil` at that time.Those are on records.Any how now I like to talk about this young guy Namal, It is good he gets some experience about politicks, but that is not sufficient to be a good leader. I have started my approach to `Politicks` when `Felix. R. Dias, Bandaranayaka`s time when he openly shouted like today`s what Mahinda does `I am the Law` as a member of `Bauda Shiksa Balawegaya`.We never made `Gangs` who are ready to make attacks to the opposition, or destroy competitors stages and attack to other party members rallies, those are call thuggery done by un educated `Thugs` using political power, those actions never make a leader but make his life in `Danger`, but what we did was educating the villagers about our `Rights` and value of the `Ballot` which made 1977 election successfull not two third but six fifth. On the other hand if this type of uneducated ill skilled ill experienced youth somehow get in to power what happen is some cunning members of his group try to keep this guy as a `Puppet`and gain as much as they can .If we talk actuality today that is what`s happening to his dad`s `Politiccal Career` now.It is very sad.

  • 6 Apr 2010 23:18:32 GMT


    [`Making the Country from Fryingpan to Fire]

    What you seem to be refering to is `throwing the country from the frying pan into the fire`. Anyway I do not agree with you that MR has `thrown the country from the frying pan into the fire`.

    For you to justify your claim ask yourself the question, is the country better off now than it was one year ago? Yes or No?

    One year ago the people in SL were in fear of bombs going off anywhere and everywhere and getting killed or maimed. Now that fear is non-existent. So, was the country better one year ago and worse today???????

    Today tourism is gaining momentum because the country is safe for anyone to go anywhere at anytime of the day. Was it so one year ago?????? Was it better then and worse now????

    The economy in the country will improve. It is not something that will happen over night after having fought a war for nearly three decades which drained the national economy to the rock bottom.

    All in all think whether there is ANY improvement in the situation in the country. If you say NO and insist that the country has only gone to ruin with no improvement at all and it is a case of MR `throwing the country from the frying pan into the fire` , please substantiate your assertion with some facts.

  • 7 Apr 2010 02:41:45 GMT

    [I cannot see any achivement other than `Making the Country from Fryingpan to Fire` , because of his foolish advisors and family member..]

    Dear Tsunamiking,

    With, due respect, I disagree with the way you are looking at this.

    You want to know of the Achievement? Let us start from 1977. The then Head of State took over a peaceful country, made a hell of mess out of it and handed over to his successor, 1n 1989, a country abound with violance, bloodshed and political chaos. Successive Heads of State, with all the executive powers vested on them, only succeeded in making it a more and more dangerous place for human beings to survive. Now you tell me, who send the country from frying pan to Fire.

    In four years, Mahinda Rajapkse reveresed the state of affairs. At least for now - I hope it will remain forever so - we can walk the streets of Colombo without a fear of getting blasted into pieces. (Believe me! I did escape two blasts in Colombo by minutes) Now, isn`t that an achievemnt? Dear sir, I do not have to be a Rajapakse fan to admire that. I have no hesitation in taking my hat off for His Execllency Mahinda Rajapakse, whether he is a thief, an uneducated bum, a thug or whatever you call him.

    Now, in order to achieve that he had to keep intact a minority Government (thanks to the wisdom of the late Mr. Jayawardene). Okay, he bought MPs, made ministers out of everyone, did some unorthodox manipulation and so on in order to keep the governemnt without collapsing, unti he could finish off the Tigers. So what? A man`s got to do what he`s got to do.

    And you are worried about the family members around him. Do you want him to trust those MPs and Ministers, who change sides at the drop of a hat for profits, with the war effort? Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse would have been dead meat by now, if he did so. And remember, those people who he trusted did not let him down, and they did not let us down with the war effort. Remember that other President`s uncle, the volunteer Second Leutinent who became a General and never wore anything but battle fatigues. What did they do, other than making money and promoting thuggery?

    You know, I prefer this `thug` to those `Ladies and Gentlemen`

    There is very little doubt about the outcome of this election. Right now, Mr. Rajapakse, with the reins in his hands, is at crossroads. He has to select the right path (and the right horses) for his chariot - Sri Lanka - to travel on. He is the only one in recent times, who has proved his capability to do so. Whether he takes the right path or not is up to him. I hope he will take the right path - the difficult one.

    Namal Rajapakse is not even a subject for discussion at this stage.

  • 7 Apr 2010 12:03:55 GMT

    I don`t want to get dragged into a big row about politicians promoting their own children and siblings, it happens all over the world, including USA (remember Bush and Bush?) and India (remember a chap called Rajiv?). That doesn`t make it right, but I`d much rather have a flawed but courageous leader than a pambaya who says yes to every foreigner and achieves nothing at home. I also echo the sentiments expressed by Kiwikanga and DONP, both make very good arguments here.

    Believe me, Tsunamiking, things can only get better.

  • 7 Apr 2010 21:12:22 GMT

    If he corrects his mistakes and ready to go with experienced people with out his `Family Fools` , we ready to give our support to do the next part to develop this ruined country which has no law and no decipline. Noumber one thing he has to do is `Give the correct place for the correct man` .We will see.

  • 8 Apr 2010 01:46:09 GMT

    Dear Tsunamiking,

    I am no die-hard fan of Mr. Rajapakse or everyone else surrounding him. But, He is the only Head of State who gave us a ray of hope since 1983. Others were incapable or uninterested in solving the major issue.

    Here, we have a company of people who went for a target and hit it right. There is no gaurentee that they will do everything right from now on. Also, there are certain bad things that they do, no doubt about that. But, that is the only company that undertook a job and did it right. Others did not. So if you have to gamble, where will you put your money?

    And, It is absolutely nice to discuss this with you. Those people in this forum, who restore to lowest levels when responding to opposing views should take an example from you.

    Cheers! - DONP