First things first!

  • 10 Mar 2010 19:30:20 GMT

    [The government is seeking a two-thirds majority]

    If the government ACTUALLY requires the 2/3ds majority to do something that thy ACTUALLY need to do and they are in doubt whether they will get the 2/3ds then have no doubts they will `SEE TO IT` that they get the 2/3ds!!

  • 10 Mar 2010 23:06:56 GMT

    Kiwi, this is red herring. Mahinda doesn`t want to change the constitution. He has to say that he wants to change the constitution for sake of publicity. He`s probably praying that the electorate won`t give him a 2/3 majority so he can carry on acting like a dictator for the next 7 years.

  • 11 Mar 2010 03:39:28 GMT

    [Mahinda doesn`t want to change the constitution]

    OK!! Then the government has no problem at all and nothing to worry about if they do not get a 2/3ds!

    BUT..... if the government feels it might get a 2/3ds and result in pressure to change the constitution, then the government will `SEE TO IT` that they will not have a 2/3ds!!!