No issuing of temporary ID cards for Sri Lanka General Election

  • 9 Mar 2010 12:26:04 GMT

    Cgudu, actually no such system exists in UK, so we must be really backward here. We rely on old-fashioned electoral lists. Proof of identity, if asked, usually relies on the voter bringing along the voter registration document that was sent to him/her. If the voter hasn`t got that at hand, all you are asked to do is to state your name and address and that is checked against the voter list at the polling station, exactly as it used to happen in Sri Lanka in pre-ID card days. Impersonation and vote rigging are dead-easy. Postal ballots are getting ever more popular and unscrupulous political activists have found that it is even easier to register bogus voters. UK citizens are paranoid about ID cards so that might never get introduced. We don`t even use dyes to colour the voter`s fingers. I fear our asylum seeker bretheren who are entitled to vote in UK will try a trick or two where they are able to influence the outcome in marginal constituencies, to gain favour with their favourite MP or Minister (hint, hint, UK readers - do something to alert your MP).