Intelligence units have received information that a political party and University students are heading for an armed campaign - Sri Lanka Minister for media and information, Keheliya Rambukwella

  • 7 Nov 2010 03:19:47 GMT

    [Rambukwella said, the colonization scheme of late D S Senanayake introduced in 1947 under the farmers settlement program was a correct concept. If any part of the country there is bare land, the Govt. has a right to settle people in those lands.

    Q by a journalist

    The farmers colonization scheme introduced by D S Senanayake, was one of the main reasons for the escalation of the ethnic problem ?


    That did not contribute to the ethnic problem. That is your personal opinion. There are no areas in our country demarcated as belonging to a particular group, the Minister replied.

    The following were the questions posed by the media and the answers given by the Minister


    Is there any truth in the story that a Minister has requested the President to ban a students union on the ground that they are in league with a political party and are preparing for an armed campaign?


    Yes. The Govt. intelligence units have received information that there are moves for such an armed campaign. The Govt. is keeping a vigilance over this. ]

    Vast areas of bare land in the South still remain uninhabited, no one bothers settling people there.

    NDA supports SF and it is bought under spot light. The labour unions and UNi student unions are watched for possible ban.

    - nSL Demo-cracy