Sri Lanka`s ex-Army Commander never retracted `white flag` story, witness says

  • 7 Oct 2010 06:42:41 GMT

    [She said General Fonseka told her that when President Mahinda Rajapaksa returned from Jordan, he had contacted Brigadier Shavendra Silva to check on the battle field situation and was given the incorrect information that Velupillai Prabakaran was killed and on receiving this information the president had kissed the ground on stepping down from the gangway.

    Ms. Jansz told Court that according to General Fonseka the Norway government had contacted the Sri Lankan government about the statement alleged to have been made by the defence secretary to Brigadier Silva.

    In her evidence she said alliance members who supported General Fonseka s candidacy had contacted her on rectifying the white flag news item as it might have an adverse impact on his election campaign but that she had refused to do so.

    Ms. Jansz said General Fonseka had stood by what he said earlier but making a clarification said LTTE leaders Nadesan, Ramesh and Pulidawan were killed in the battlefield and had not surrendered to the forces carrying white flags. She said she clarified the position in subsequent issue.

    Further hearing was postponed for Monday and Court ordered prison authorities to provide medical facilities to General Fonseka.]

    If the position had been clarified in the subsequent issues then there is no issue about the white flags.

  • 7 Oct 2010 11:37:20 GMT

    Looks like it`s time for Mangala Samaraweera and Anura Kumara Dissanayake to fly a white flag!

  • 7 Oct 2010 13:47:24 GMT

    [The Sunday Leader Editor told the court Fonseka first told her on December 12 that got the information about the white flag story from a journalist who was with the 58 Division of the Sri Lanka Army of which Major General (then Brigadier) Shavendra Silva was the Commander. ]

    [Ms. Jansz told the three-member bench of the High Court that the Sunday Leader carried the story on December 13, 2009 as a top story on leader page. ]

    [Ms. Jansz said a clarification was published on the 20th of December in the newspaper at the request of Fonseka. ]

    This shows how this editor has carried out propaganda according to instructions of the Magodi Raja..

    Lets see if we have something called justice in this country... Hope this also won`t be another kangaroo court...

  • 7 Oct 2010 15:12:35 GMT

    -------`If the position had been clarified in the subsequent issues then there is no issue about the white flags.`------

    The fact remains that people surrendering were shot in defiance of the Geneva Convention. This is not going away even in thirty years time.

  • 7 Oct 2010 15:48:42 GMT

    Mr. Fonseka has a very bad foul mouth alright.

    However, did Mr. Fonseka make this particular statement about shooting the white flag bearers or it is that Cockroach of a (Karapothu) woman, without a real natioanlity, who is making up this story? Did Anyone hear him saying this?

    If he did that he has discredited the brave men who fought under his command, his commander-in-chief and his country. The billion dollar question is `Did he make the statement?`

  • 7 Oct 2010 18:15:56 GMT

    [If he did that he has discredited the brave men who fought under his command,]Rubbish. That the people were executed is known to everyone (they were negotiating their surrender through foreign diplomats, and Mahinda himself promised they would be safe). The only question is who gave the order.

  • 7 Oct 2010 21:00:35 GMT

    [That the people were executed is known to everyone]

    Not known to me - not with recourse to any authentic document - Not yet. Only hearsay up to now.

  • 8 Oct 2010 02:08:55 GMT

    [ former Army Commander, parliamentarian Sarath Fonseka, never retracted his `white flag` story that accused the Defence Secretary of ordering the Army`s top brass to kill the senior LTTE leaders surrendering with white flags to security forces during the final stages of the war, ]

    SF is also a Sinhala-Buddhist nationalist like MR brothers. He went further to declare that this country belongs to Sinhala-Buddhists, which the latter never went so far in their vocal though demonstrated by deeds.

    If SF really wanted to expose Gota he would have incriminated him when US State Department gave him the chance while in US.

    SF wanted to threaten MR brothers when he gave that interview to the Sunday Leader because they have started taking revenge for challenging the demi-God in the election.

    So it is clear that it is the tit-for-tat personal vendetta and nothing to do with either giving testimony to expose the wrong doings of his boss, DS, or exposing his once-led army or committing crime while in uniform/ impropriety in defence procurement. SF has always been loyal to his defence forces.

    What our leaders do is to wash their dirty linen in public and use their power to take revenge on their fellow officers to the extent of pushing the country`s reputation down the sewage drain. Do they care about the country they beat their drums of being patriotic? NO.