Channel 4 must apologise to Lankan Govt - Minister

  • 12 Sep 2009 14:05:30 GMT

    [Channel 4 must apologise to Lankan Govt]

    does UN and HRW also have to apologise to SL gov?

  • 12 Sep 2009 19:07:30 GMT

    Keep dreaming.

  • 12 Sep 2009 19:09:25 GMT

    Forgot to say GOSL is nuts! Who the h.ll they think they are.

  • 12 Sep 2009 19:28:03 GMT

    Do you really believe wild west will honor journalism based on lies?

    Why would they make a problem out of it if GOSL was speaking the truth?

    Like I said `keep dreaming` and keep believing in the mount of lies your government is feeding you with and even worse, has been feeding you with for ages.

  • 12 Sep 2009 20:12:43 GMT

    The govt. should take legal action against Ch. 4. This channel has been on a witch hunt against Lanka and has been gullible to what ever garbage they got from LTTE symphathises. LTTE may have paid handsomely to the journalists for this garbage. Channel 4 gave so much prominence to the reports from medics during the war which have been proved baseless from their admission. DID THEY APOLOGISE TO LANKA?

    They once said there were bodies of females outside camps when hundreds of dignitaries visited camps from abroad and when 52 NGO`s are working with govt. but no one and seen or reported. LTTE probably would have paid handsomely to corrupt journalists for these stories.

    SHAME on Channel 4. The damage this video has caused internationally is enormous and hence govt. should take firm legal action against them.

  • 12 Sep 2009 20:52:00 GMT

    Yes, everyone is against Lankans. They have done no wrong! blah blah

    (I think Sinhala politicians think the world is as intelligent as their Sinhala constituents)

  • 12 Sep 2009 23:34:26 GMT

    [Sri Lanka steps up death video rebuttal

    By Channel 4 News

    The Sri Lankan government has stepped up its campaign to discredit footage claiming to show Tamils being executed by Sri Lankan soldiers, which was broadcast by Channel 4 News last month.

    JDS insists the video clip was taken during the war when independent local media was prevented from covering the conflict. `This videoclip shows the reality of the behaviour of the government forces during the war which the government called a `humanitarian operation` to rescue the Tamils,` they say.

    The pictures in the accompanying report, broadcast on 25 August 2009, apparently show government troops executing Tamils. A naked man is seen blindfolded and bound, being kicked in the head by a soldier before being shot.

    As further gunshots are heard, the camera turns to show eight other bound bodies, all but one of which are naked. There is no indication of the ethnicity of the dead men, but the group which obtained the pictures claim the victims are Tamils. The killers are speaking Sinhala and they appear to be wearing Sri Lankan army uniforms.

    It is not possible for Channel 4 News to authenticate independently the pictures. JDS is not a Tamil liberation group, but an organisation made up of exiled Sri Lankan journalists, including Sinhalese and Tamils.

    On Monday 7 September, the Sri Lankan government held a press conference to refute the footage. A spokesmen said they had analysed the footage and determined it had been faked in a way that was typical of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    Sri Lanka s human rights minister, Mahinda Samarasinghe, said four investigations by military and civilian experts from Sri Lanka showed the footage was staged and had had its sound manipulated.

    However, in the course of previous week UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon discussed the video with Samarasinghe, the US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice expressed `grave concern` about the `disturbing` images, and UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Philip Alston, called for a probe.

    [Andy Duncan, Channel 4`s chief executive, stands by the decision to broadcast the report, saying it `made clear throughout the report that we could not verify its authenticity or veracity`.

    `In that context, we believed it was important that this footage was placed into the public domain,` he said.]

    Channel 4 News today learned that a US Senate committee has asked the state department`s war crimes unit to investigate crimes against humanity and identify the perpetrators.

    We understand the Americans are examining photographic evidence of the killing of civilians in Sri Lanka. And their investigation could affect American military aid to the island.


    Good apologise!


  • 13 Sep 2009 02:06:35 GMT

    Don`t need the US,West or the Europe new found friends China,Myanmar,Iran,Libya,Pakistan and the latest buddy the main man Mr democracy him self Hugo in Venezuela Sri Lanka has concur the world.Soon the other lot will be begging on their broken knees Sri Lank to be a friend. Then world will see what the Grate one has achieved in proud Sri Lankan nation who will have the last Ha! Ha! humbly of course been a Buddhist nation they will be very circumspect gloating never been the Sinhala Buddhist way.

  • 13 Sep 2009 02:42:27 GMT

    LOL! Look at you losers worshipping your white gods. Much good has it done to you :)))

  • 13 Sep 2009 04:15:17 GMT

    Looks like peelam is very much a possibility now. Keep on dreaming you SWETs..