What`s wrong with Sinhalese helping Tamils?

  • 16 Jun 2009 19:52:42 GMT

    Ajan when Did ever tamil help Muslims or Sinhalese???

    seems you Forgot what you did to your minority!! You chased Muslims from Jaffna... now you are saying Sinhalese are grabbing lands without knowing how you treated a community.

    when Tamils change there won`t be any problem in Srilanka.

  • 16 Jun 2009 21:21:07 GMT


    You idiot, you people are the ones who are trying to grab and steal 44% of the land that belongs to all Sri Lankans, according to your logic we also could say that 54% of Tamils living in Colombo and the percentage of Tamils who are living in other parts of the country are actually living on land stolen from the Sinhalese and other communities. Go figure MORON.

  • 16 Jun 2009 23:26:13 GMT

    I think its time to adopt a system that suits for every citizen of this country.

    We have been following colonial methods, mainly British and Holland especially the laws for social affairs, This is good if Srilanka is having one ethnic group.

    The law that we have in Srilanka for the lands is not suitable for having different ethnic groups as it can not stop acquiring the lands by the rich, i.e. by the rich ethnic group.

    Its time that we should adopt a system like in China. The lands and proprieties are belong to the government and the people are living on rent or lease. when the main tenant died or the lease expired it can be given to another, not necessarily to the same generation.

    This way Srilanks can archive equally distributed mixed society throughout the country rather than having concentrated ethnic group area`s such as Wellawatta, Bambalapitiya and Muttakuliya.

  • 17 Jun 2009 06:54:44 GMT

    Hora kava dada hora kiyala kiyanne. ?????? pissu puso. i can remember my mum was teling me in 1983 the sinhal people steel hear house things. all, even hear tooth past also. so how we can tel you all gauthama budda???????????

    budang saranag gaccami. sangang sarang gaccami.........

    even your people kill tamils and steel all the things from them also like poya day, my mum said. and my sis said she also lost hear panty also 1983 july 24th.

    poor sinalis. werit ok. my sis have new ons maney. maney, even she have maney in gold pantys, so we a the richest people. sinhal, do you want aney thing from us????????