A crown and emperor`s clothes for a president

  • 2 Jun 2009 14:19:44 GMT

    LTTE vowed to do everything to crush SL. They said they`re waiting for President to finish his time. They believe a weak president will come to the power and they are planning to start their next struggle after that. It gives the hint that they know who is coming. They know Sinhalese mind. This article is absolutely write about one thing. `people will forget everything very easily`. But only Sinhalese. That is why they call us `Hand to mouth Banda`. There are many Dutugamunus in SL today. But tomorrow, they will forget everything. And we should not forget a large number of `Hand to mouth banda` in SL today so they will do everything to get the people into their pocket. West and LTTE will give as much as money they need.

  • 5 Jun 2009 19:53:29 GMT

    Good now they can start there own private practice Sri Lanka need more crooked Doctors.

  • 5 Jun 2009 22:56:47 GMT

    [Mahinda Rajapaksa is no king and never can he be one]

    The people in Sri lanka have whole heartedly accepted him as `King Mahinda Rajapaksa I` whether that be official or unofficial.

    Palaweni Mahinda Rajapaksa Rajathumata` Dheergaayuwaeva!!

    Doctorates can be in the field of medicine or any other disciplines, it`s not many who seem to know that fact!

  • 7 Jun 2009 02:10:12 GMT

    Let me respectfully say this. The ` Doctorates` mentioned in this context is ` honorary` Doctorate. There is a whole lot of difference between regular Doctorates and Honorary doctorates. Honorary doctorates are conferred on people when a university wishes to formally recognize an individual`s contributions to a particular field. This is also called ` honoris causa (i.e., `for the sake of the honor`).

    Essentially this is what happened.