Victory over diplomatic terrorism

  • 29 May 2009 16:18:09 GMT

    Excellent work by Ambassador Jayatilleka and his team. The Government was well advised to extend his assignment after all, even though it was in the last minute.

    No room for certain jokers or political appointees in Geneva.

  • 30 May 2009 03:38:42 GMT

    [A strong economy is also an option for a smaller nation. Therefore, it behoves the Rajapaksa government to concentrate on the economic front urgently and turn swords into ploughshares so to get rid of the country s chronic dependency.]

    A strong economy needs investments and markets for which the country needs the West and institutions controlled by the West like the IMF and the World Bank. We still can`t get the IMF $1.9b facility because of the West`s delaying tactics.

    The only way for SL to silence the West is by quickly finding a political solution acceptable to the minorities if the success in the military front is to lead to a permanent peace and advance the march towards economic progress and development.

    Instead of basking on the glory of military success and the diplomatic success in Geneva for ever, let us realise that permanent confrontation with the West is NOT in our interests however despicable the West may be. We should think wisely and make the right moves so that the West drops its animosity towards us. After all, it won`t take long for our today`s friends to change their attitude given the clout and power the West still has. How long can we count on our present friends?