Bombing Rajiv and `beheading` Nehru

  • 15 Apr 2009 11:59:58 GMT

    Isn`t the War on terror that America preaches every single day is to eradicate terrorism, or does fighting terrorism only applicable to the so called super powers? And the rest of us have to put up with terrorists in our own countries & also make peace with them just because these double speaking talking heads tell us so. If Al Queda was holed up in a small sliver of land among civilians am sure the US would have by now bombed the terrorists and the civilians in one go.. like they have done in Afghanistan & Iraq.

  • 15 Apr 2009 15:49:17 GMT

    [This is what the west wouldn`t want to see. Look how they control Africa by supporting rebel groups.......]

    This was right until a few years ago, when China took over the lead to secure unlimited access to various raw materials. Some poor countries are now so dependent on China, that the kids no longer learn English or French as foreign language, but Chinese (sponsored by the yellow man).

  • 15 Apr 2009 20:46:37 GMT

    [LTTE backers have given India Hobson`s choice. They have told her in no uncertain terms that she should either rescue Prabhakaran and give the LTTE a new lease of life]

    LTTE backers ar sure beggars! Beggng from all and sundry to rescue the `mighty supremo`!! LOL!!

    Why can`t these `LTTE lickers` come and rescue their `blood-hound` themselves?????

    Without wasting time `shouting on road sides` and `going for walks in the country-side` in foreign countries, these `tiger lickers` can come to their so called `home-land` and rescue that mangy scoundrel and what ever is left of his pack of bandicoots!