Sri Lankans to get 100,000 job opportunities

  • 11 Apr 2009 07:52:50 GMT

    I cannot believe your story. Once Iran offered crude oil for subsidiary prizes and then Pakistan gave war support now Gaddafi giving jobs.

    Something critically wrong with this man. Who cares where he goes, but do not give punakku to citizens.

  • 11 Apr 2009 09:07:56 GMT

    Hello sweet guy, do you konow whats wrong with norwegians and British....fellows, poor people of SL already eating punakku , thanks to seenimallis from kandy and colombo.

  • 11 Apr 2009 16:03:45 GMT

    100,000 jobs in Libya. Will that off-set the job losses in the

    Gulf and other countries? In any case, seems the President realises the seriousness of the economic crisis the country is facing and is exploring possibilities to overcome the crisis.

    Do the others in his cabinet realise the seriousness of the economic crisis?

  • 12 Apr 2009 06:13:33 GMT

    This news Item omitted the 500 million financial aid Qaddafi promised.

  • 12 Apr 2009 19:37:52 GMT

    [The Libyan leader was appreciative of the success and experience of Sri Lanka in defeating the world s most ruthless terrorist organization, which he considered an example to the entire world in the battle against terrorism.]

    Good to have these kinds of relations with other countries.. with the defeat of LTTE terrorism, we can clearly see positive opportunities arising for Sri Lanka.... lets hope more opportunities like this will come before Sri Lanka...

  • 12 Apr 2009 20:51:36 GMT

    Pathetic to see the President to go all over world begging after reducing their own economy to shambles. Going after US, China, Paki, Iran, India will never take this small island to prosperity. Sad!

  • 13 Apr 2009 02:41:01 GMT

    Looking at the garbage pile up in Colombo, no wonder there are 100,000 jobs opening up for the Sin-hell-ass-es.

  • 23 Apr 2009 04:58:03 GMT

    Its always gud to maintain friendly relationships with other countries and such relation will pave way for the development of both countries. Lets wish Sri Lanka gets more of this opportunities in the years to cum.

  • 23 Apr 2009 07:54:59 GMT

    [Sri Lankans to get 100,000 job opportunities]

    [Colonel Gaddafi also agreed to explore possibilities to provide for 100,000 Sri Lankans to be employed in Libya]

    The `agreed to explore possibilities` part does not seem to match the heading of the article!