It`s the abolition of the presidency, stupid!

  • 10 Apr 2009 07:53:44 GMT

    [It`s the abolition of the presidency, stupid!]

    It`s actually `beleiving` that it will be abholished that is stupid!!!

  • 11 Apr 2009 19:39:20 GMT

    Many People including Tamils and other religion-based special interest groups say that it is a must that Executive presidency go.

    After that, comes the abolition of 2-3rd majority and the Buddhism as the government favoured religion. In the middle of those things, they want more Minority politicians at the constitution council like places.

    In order to Sri Lanka be developed we don`t need power devolution. What we need COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT STUDIES PROGRAMMES at the Universities. Those trained people should educate and influence people in the community to be vocal about hot to develop their community.

    For example, Muslims handled CBK and built BEEF - Sales depots on DEEGHAVAAPI Dagoba grounds. On the other hand, they would never establish a PORK-SELAS depot on that place.

    Power devolution create another distinguished class of bureaucracy and an authoritative group who are burdened to the TAX paying society with corruption, salaries, perks above all CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. See how many PC council members became killers or had some hands in killings.

    Power devolution works for political parties and politicians. It will work for INdia but not for average people.

    Anyway, instead of power devolution we should have a system to get a CAPABLE AND SKILLFUL executive and powerful president such as MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE. System should be arranged in SUCH a way that a WEAK LEADER WHO GOES AROUND THE WORLD ASKING HOW TO DO IT, or one who is working against the needs of the majority of the country, such as MR. RANIL WICKRAMASINGHE TO NOT BECOME THE PRESIDENT.

    Becuase, there will be other Mahinda Rajapakses or better people as well as leaders like Ranil Wickramasinghes or weaker will try to become the president in the future.