LTTE`s next frontier

  • 4 Apr 2009 14:25:37 GMT

    LTTE`s losses exceed 600 KIA last 2 day alone

    sla lost 21, injured 87

    small group SF forward elements are taking out 20 and times 30 strong units of LTTE cadre at a time. so many bodies strawn on the battle field most are now rotting because just too many to collect. this is what LTTE wanted

    dial back - November 17, 2005 it was Velupillei Prabhakaran who single handedly decided to against (advice of Anton Balasingham, Padmanadan, selvedurai) to prevent the so called inflated Wanni population from voting for Hon Rajapaksa.

    now we know Wanni population was never 600,000 as described, it was only 250,000, with most who had moved to the rest of the country. Only 100,000 real votes if you mind to calculate. But LTTE still did not allow the population to vote. it was a series of tactical errors spanning 30 odd years for LTTE.

    LTTE brought this on themselves, NO ONE FORCED this. They over estimated their capacity to wage a sustained war, and underestimated the Sri Lankans` people will and determination to attack LTTE.

    There is an end to all beginnings, this is a cycle in a much large grander cycle in the universe. This is the end for LTTE. Adios

    LTTE still thinks they can get the 80,000 odd population to storm the Army. LOL, in view they trained every person who could hold a weapon and still no effect.

    at the gates of hell Kali Amma awaits. what a nice meat grinder it has been.

    Take the opportunity to help a Ranaviru family.

  • 4 Apr 2009 15:02:40 GMT

    Stop Terro:

    Sri Lankan Community overseas should be organized to identify these LTTE people who were engaged in money collecting.

    Healthy NAtrionalism should be promoted among these people too. Earlier, LTTE did most of their work in open. NOw, it is hidden. At least in Canada is invisible in not-so-important areas. It may be still in the open in Scarborough like areas.

    there are sinhala people who had connections with these LTTE people some of whom may be their neighbours or business customers.

    By promoting healthy nationalism among people, they start telling about these people. I think, Embassies should have more connections with these people.

    Another thing, Promoting Nationalism and when people get the sentiment that they are not working but doing it for their country, strikes like, inside the country, things also can be avoided.

    AT present, I heard, SLFP people are not working because it is there govt, UNP and JVP are not working because it is not the govt. Those things should be stopped.

    People don`t have any idea that it is there country.

    Even here some people try to buy from LTTE stores and do business with people who are LTTE.

  • 4 Apr 2009 15:28:09 GMT

    There`s plenty of them even here. I talked to one of them (he was a bit more polite than the other donkeys) and he said that about 90% of Tamils overseas support the LTTE. The guy kindly told me that the Tamil Society in my uni was also 100% LTTE :)

  • 4 Apr 2009 16:44:31 GMT

    IF you ask LTTE tamils, they say 100% of tamils support LTTE.

    In our area, I know some tamils who suddenly stopped talking to me began to talk again when Karuna separated.

    Some Tamils are getting blamed from both Sinhala and LTTE tamils. they are mostly tamils from the east.

    There are problems, in area, among LTTE tamils, because, LTTE tamils become rich faster than the LTTE tamils who are not collecting funds.

    Tamils are no different from sinhala or other people. but, LTTE tamils try to show that picture.