Uncle Sam regains wisdom?

  • 9 Dec 2009 13:10:01 GMT

    Foolish man (or woman?). Aren`t most Americans generally ignorant about people from Asia? Their troops may assume that Sri Lankan soldiers are terrorists or terrorist sympathisers.

  • 9 Dec 2009 17:43:53 GMT


    We won`t send a single soldier to save your white masters in Afghanistan. Let them enjoy a well-earned rest. Meanwhile, you can do yourself a favour and learn the difference between `grate` and `great`. You`ll look like less of a fool then.

  • 11 Dec 2009 03:30:47 GMT

    I am sorry for the mistake I should be whipped or should I say locked up according to Sri Lankan justice.White master are now replaced by yellow masters in Sri Lanka.In my experience when one calls another a fool it is because take one to know one.

  • 11 Dec 2009 04:22:40 GMT

    [Somalian pirates have graduated from an irritant to a major threat in the Indian Ocean over the years. Similarly, all vital sea routes around Sri Lanka would have become vulnerable if the LTTE`s naval wing, Sea Tigers, had not been effectively neutralised. Of Sri Lanka`s three armed forces, the first to finish its job was the Navy. Although Prabhakaran boasted that his final battle for Eelam would be fought in the sea, months before the conclusion of the war, the Sea Tigers had been decimated and a joke doing the rounds was that the Sea Tiger chief Soosai was riding a bicycle for want of a boat! Among the civilian vessels the LTTE attacked and/or captured were many Indian fishing craft and two Chinese trawlers. ]

    Ha ha ha ha ha... Serocholan must have let Soosai ride his bike for a while!!