SC orders removal of Galle Road barriers

  • 30 Sep 2008 03:56:40 GMT

    As usual patriots in other countries don`t really see what`s going on in SL...

    FYI there are folks who have to get to work and closing down galle face drive has been a reason for causing huge huge traffic jams...

    especially morning rush hour times...

    To top it up, sometimes forces temporarily close down certain roads in col3 areas so that VVIP`s can travel safely... when this happens and with galle face drive closed permanently the traffic jams are just unbearable...

    What you should guys fail to see that it`s a huge inconvenience for business people and other folks who have attend to important meetings etc that are time sensitive...

    we are with the government on taxes, high COL and certain security measures that incoveninces us...but i`d baffling to see why they have to keep the galle face drive closed...

    only important building in that area bordering the road is the presidential secretariat...

    is closing the road permanently the best way to keep security???

    You foreign sri lankans are pathetic...

    easy for you guys to just come and comment in these blogs where other sri lankans are taking the hit everyday...

    It`s just like peelamists talking all big here while their fellow tamilans are suffering under LPTE...

    think before you comment

  • 30 Sep 2008 04:22:25 GMT

    Wait for Sarath Fonseka`s warning to Sarath Silva that the Supreme Court should NOT make too many demands on the running of the country!

  • 30 Sep 2008 04:31:03 GMT

    [Wait for Sarath Fonseka`s warning to Sarath Silva that the Supreme Court should NOT make too many demands on the running of the country!]

    correction...he said undue demands...not demands...

    LPTE asking for 2/3 coastline and 1/3 land area for a minority to form mono ethnic homeland is an unfair demand by any standards... Especially when majority of that race lives under gosl areas

    hope you can see the difference

  • 30 Sep 2008 04:42:34 GMT

    I watched the Rupavahini News last night and so much of `Randomly` Selected public spoke about re-instating more road barriers all over the roads, just after the Fort car park Bomb.

    1. Why all the people say this, which was not on the plate even after the Bomb exploded at KatuBedda bomb?

    2. If it is LTTE, why was it only 50g of explosives, when they had 125 KG of C4 explosives (What GOSL found)

    3. Why they selected that un-manned place for the explosion?

    4. How come the vehicle been owned by a Police Women?

    Can some one answer those questions?

    My feeling is, government is trying to trim the wings of the SC... Wait and see

  • 30 Sep 2008 04:45:25 GMT

    [correction...he said undue demands...not demands... ]

    OK, undue demands. The way the SC is being invoked and the way judgments are being given, EVERY Ruling of the SC will be deemed `undue demand` by a highly Embarrassed Administration and soon there will be a warning from Sarath from the Barrack to Sarath on the Bench!

  • 30 Sep 2008 05:33:28 GMT


    you do know that judiciary is above folks like sarath f.

    you`re not using what the commander said within context...

    parts taken out of context cant be slapped on to everything and anything like that

    And on Rupavahini

    don`t even watch their moronic news etc

    rupavahini and other gosl media cant stand on their legs and report properly for obvious reasons... independent stations like swarnavahini does a much better job IMHO

  • 30 Sep 2008 06:01:45 GMT

    [Court directed the National Transport Commission and Western Province Passenger Transport Authority to start the operation of the Premium Bus Service in the city in consultation with the National Transport Commission before January 1 to restrict the inflow of private vehicles to the city.

    The Court directed that the time tables should be restructured to consolidate it with the CTB and Private bus services. ]

    Our leaders who are responsible to run the country having tamashas.

    Now the court have to do these day to day country administration.


  • 30 Sep 2008 06:11:06 GMT

    [Can`t you people wait till this terrorism is wiped out? Once the terrorists are out, there won`t be any need for any of these barriers]

    They said east is out of terrorist but they still are keeping barriers there only easterners know these hardship

  • 30 Sep 2008 07:23:11 GMT

    Implimentation of those rules mentioned is good for every one. Specially the bus lane and the uniforms and ticket machines and city bus service.

    Since these changes including the removal of barriers will come in to effect only in Jan 1st 2009. So all have time and the war is intensified in the North and situation will be bit different from the present situation.

    Road blocks does create a problem for the Gen.Pub but at this point removing them may cause undue situations and will give LTTE a the advantage to transport carders and explosives freely. If you see most of the important places are situated on Galle road and need more practical way to approach this issue.

    It`s difficult for the defence system to operate with such restrictions as we are fighting a war.

    Hope something good will happen.

  • 30 Sep 2008 08:48:47 GMT

    Our defenses denied LTTE having aircrafts. Proclaimed to shoot them down the moment they are airborne.But they managed to invade our airspace six times and escape without a scratch.

    Recently media reported that LTTE is planning to use chemical weapons. Our defenses denied it bluntly, weeks after that hey attacked our army using chemical weapons.

    CS gas in a fully packed bus could be lethal enough to kill many innocent people.

    Lets not wait to close the gate after the horse has run away. These

    are some ways to survive Mustard or chlorine attack.

    Chlorine Gas

    1.Yellow,green gas with the strong smell of bleach might be chlorine

    2.Move quickly into an area with clean air

    3. try to hold your breath until you move away.

    3. Don`t stay indoors

    4. Move to higher ground ( chlorine is denser than air)

    5. Urinate on a cloth and hold it to your nose (urine crystallize

    chlorine, this could be very useful for our army).

    6. Remove cloths which touched the gas.

    7. Do not vomit.

    8. Wash your body throughly.

    9. Stay calm, panicking may increase the amount of gas that you inhale

    10. Don`t try to cover your kids face, try to cover your nose first

    then you can help the kids

    Mustard Gas

    1. Burning or itching on the skin or onion smell gas is a sign of musted gas

    2.Move to higher ground

    3.Cover your skin to avoid burning

    4. Do not vomit, drink milk

    5. Wash your body throughly.