Ranil promises to consider call to step down

  • 29 Aug 2008 12:30:09 GMT

    May be there is a argument within UNP for RW to step-down. However now it is the time again to pro Gov media to spread rumors to hit RW and bring the people`s moral. However it is not the RW`s fault or mistake or week point. It is the mistake or the fault of the uneducated & idiotic voters.

    In the History of the world no one has won any guerrilla wars. Our Sri Lankan people has been fed MR Gov who believe any thing.

    As an example people forgot what happened to Tsunami aid overnight and voted for the same man. So what else you need to talk.

    Sad to see where Sri Lanka is heading.

    God bless Sri Lanka

  • 29 Aug 2008 16:25:08 GMT

    Well done Mahinda Chintana.

    All this Rajapakse regime want is to get rid of the leader of UNP, only threat they have to live happily ever after !!

    Clause 1 of Mahinda Chintana !

    To accomodate all the UNP`ers who had not even vote for MR, to keep above the SLFP`ers who faught hard to make MR the President.

    Stupid UNP`ers are cheering them and Mahinda Chintana is laughing all the way to the Banks.

    The right to vote for Sri Lankans should be abolished until the people learn at least to select their leader.

  • 29 Aug 2008 17:42:38 GMT

    There is nothing to consider, just step down and wish the other person all the best of luck!

  • 29 Aug 2008 18:04:07 GMT

    Ranil should continue to be the leader of the UNP.He polled over 48% of the vote at the last presidential election and would have been the duly elected President of the country,if not for the election boycott of the LTTE.The UNP under his leadership continues to obtain 35-40 % of the vote at the elections which has been the national average over the years.Those within the Government and a few in the UNP who work according to the Governments agenda will not be able to oust Ranil.None of the 17 who crossed over with Karu for perks and privileges nor S.B or Sajith can match Ranil`s experience as a politician.Those who indulge in Ranil bashing in this forum and in the Government controlled media will not vote for the UNP whether it is led by Ranil or anyone else.If Ranil could have led the party to victory at the general election and came so close to winning the Presidential election there is no reason why the UNP cannot win again under his leadership.

  • 29 Aug 2008 19:37:49 GMT

    Ranil can be the next Leader of the LTTE.

  • 29 Aug 2008 21:20:51 GMT

    Where is Aney-zam and Ree-gamkolla ?

  • 29 Aug 2008 22:14:15 GMT

    [Where is Aney-zam and Ree-gamkolla ?]

    Now...ofcourse, Anus-Am and Raigona will both support the Ouster of Traitor Ranil......

    But it`s way too late..... Mahinda will rule till 2017 and the SLFP will rule for a long time after that.

    Anyway, better late than never.

    Sri Lanka Nidahas Pakshayata.........JayaWeva!

    Mahinda Rajapaksa Janapathi thumata..........JayaWeva.

    Jonnie, Indika, Thalatha, Lakshman athulu UNP Manthri Warunta..............Jaya Weva!!

  • 29 Aug 2008 22:23:18 GMT

    [Ranil promises to consider call to step down]

    Traitor Ranil also Promised to implement the 17th and create independent commissions after becoming PM in 2001. Infact, when Traitor Ranil, JVP and PA passed the 17th ammendment (During PA rule.. early 2001), Traitor Ranil promised to implement if no sooner he becomes PM...

    Traitor Ranil became PM in 2001, ruled till 2004 and conveniently `forgot` about the 17th ammendment when he was PM......

    The promise to leave the UNP leadership is also a similar promise. It will never materialize.

  • 29 Aug 2008 22:33:26 GMT

    Traitor Ranil is only `Promising` to `Consider` stepping down.

    The Traitor is NOT `Promising` to `Stepdown`.

    The Traitor, after 18 UNP defeats is only `Promising` to `Consider` stepping down.

    As to when Traitor Ranil will begin the `Consideration Process` and as to when the `Consideration process` will `end`.......No one really knows. This consideration process can go on for the entire life time of Traitor Ranil.

    In a few weeks Traitor Ranil will say that he Kept his `Promise` and `Considered stepping down`. But that after Seriously considering stepping down....he decided to stay in the UNP and Opposition Leadership..

    In otherwords, the Result of the `Consideration Process` is to carry on as UNP and Opposition Leader until he breathes his last....

  • 29 Aug 2008 22:37:42 GMT

    Damed is right.

    Traitor Ranil has a much better Future in the LTTE.