U.S.Ambassador s concern and controversy

  • 27 Aug 2008 08:47:52 GMT

    GOSL go begging all over the world for aids and our dignity,self respect has gone to the dogs. Go to US embassy doors and have a look. How many going on knees including ministers begging visa from them.

    The day is not far even Ethiopian minister also impose many restriction to Sri Lankans.

  • 27 Aug 2008 08:50:48 GMT

    How can he interfere ? All he has done is to visit the commissioner and express the view of his government ie there should be a free and fair election.

    What is wrong with that ? We should extend the courtesy that an embassador deserves not castigate him for taking a real interest in the affairs of his host country. I wish the `journalists` in this country would investigate the white vans with as much diligence !

  • 27 Aug 2008 09:17:41 GMT

    [his image is [tarnished[ because he tried to ensure that there will be a free and fair Provincial Council election by meeting the Elections Commissioner]

    What madness!

    Who did he think he was to ask for a free and fair election from the highly corrupt, incompetent, good for nothing, visionless, maddog government, which is hanging on to power for unprecedented pack of previlages.

    Ambassador would have received a better response from Zimbabwe. Not from our jumbo cabinet which is represented by people like Mervin silva.

  • 27 Aug 2008 09:40:49 GMT

    There was no controversy.... It is just a media hype.

    Infact, Blake discussed with the EC how he could legitimately takeover the leadership of the UNP as Ranil is due to resign before attempting break another record.

    Blake is of the view SL is indeed a paradise and he could do a better job for the UNP in 2010.

    He is just getting ready.

    No cause for alarm.

  • 27 Aug 2008 11:45:30 GMT

    Rei-gam sounds very frustrated!

  • 27 Aug 2008 16:01:57 GMT


    A CIA agent in diplomatic attire?

    Let him continue `his` work!

    We need Americans as well as Chinese, Pakistanis or even Iranians.

    What is important at this moment is to crush tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka and to turn the page to develop the country.

    What the UNP of Ranil could not do, `Mahinda Mama` is doing.

    Hmmm !

  • 28 Aug 2008 02:36:31 GMT

    All present day SL politicians have miserably failed yet they are wasting govt. funds. ...corruption and abuse.

    International communities, or their agents, CIA or otherwise, observe this, unlike our half sleeping diplomats led by the corrupted ministries.

    We must not find faults with them.

  • 28 Aug 2008 10:07:02 GMT

    [It is therefore a reasonable inference that Blake s efforts to ensure a fair and free election is based on this mandate . ]

    What is this guy talking about? Blake might have setup a computer system. He could have written codes. But that doesn`t give him the right to interfere with the affairs of the country.

    If at all he was so concerned about computer systems and voting. He should have first gotten up and fixed the electronic voting system in Florida...

  • 28 Aug 2008 11:00:06 GMT

    Why is it that junta government is so scared about free and fair elections.

    The call for free and fair elections seems to be causing nighmares to junta government.

    If the junta government is so popular, let there be free and fair elections.

    That is all.

    Then remeber, if you don`t clean up your stinking backyard your neighbour is going to complaint and take action.