Sri Lanka Army guards electricity transformers in Jaffna

  • 13 Aug 2008 13:35:38 GMT

    [unidentified armed men]

    wonder who these guys are eh? :) :) :)

    LPTE attacking racist sihala gosl transformers so that the government will have to spend to replace those damaged hence cutting down military expenditures???

  • 13 Aug 2008 21:29:21 GMT

    New recruitment drive is underway to set up the Army Transformer Brigade! A highly skilled commando outfit with special training in guarding HV electricity transformers.

  • 14 Aug 2008 01:45:34 GMT

    Transformer destruction experts, were the JVPers.

    Water reservoirs,in non LTTE areas, particularly the storage tanks, should be the next items to be protected, if it has not been already done.

  • 15 Aug 2008 02:07:27 GMT

    How long SLA can do this. Unless getting help from public SLA can`t maintain this type of security for transformers.