Tigers should disarm before talks -EU.

  • 26 Jul 2008 19:34:43 GMT

    No need to disarm the Tamil terrorist scum we will do that for them when we clean up Pisswani and do not worry we will shoot the scum first.

  • 26 Jul 2008 21:43:35 GMT

    Is it APRC or SPRC?

    [ We also appreciate APRC Chairman Prof. Tissa Vitharana s attempts to make the APRC live up to its name, he added. ]

    Sinhalese extremists were invited whereas TNA with 22 Tamil MPs was not.

    This is a Sinhalese Party Representative Committee.

  • 26 Jul 2008 22:22:55 GMT

    It is good EU too in the same openion like GOSL to disarm LTTE before negotiation. This time no negotion until eradicate LTTE from SL.

  • 26 Jul 2008 22:28:29 GMT

    EU wanted the APRC to live up to its name not to be an SPRC. No disarming is mentioned in the Daily Mirror news but Govt propagandists dream day and night and then hallucinate.

    Govt said to EU that 100 military personnel were found guilty of human rights abuses and waiting to be punished but when asked for evidence the govt claimed they deserted the SLDF. Under this racist govt anything is possible.

  • 26 Jul 2008 22:39:38 GMT

    Daily News glasses were blurred. Read the truth

    [ The MEP also said that though the TMVP had joined the democratic mainstream, they were also reported to be recruiting child soldiers.

    The MEP expressed concerns over `the lack of a timetable for weapons decommissioning.` ]

  • 26 Jul 2008 23:00:26 GMT

    Tiger disarming will never happen as long as VP is in Lanka.

    If he disarms-

    ? How can he preserve his `godly` stature

    ? How can he get tamils to bow down to him

    ? How can he survive from all the other tamils whom he tried to kill

    ? Simply how can he survive as he doesn`t have a brain to argue and win over people, pointing the gun at others is the only way he knows

  • 26 Jul 2008 23:42:33 GMT

    [Tigers should disarm before talks - EU.]

    We have been telling them for some time now. But this time Velu will have to listen !

  • 27 Jul 2008 00:13:37 GMT

    The people of Sri Lanka are extremely skeptical about these EU types....coming into the country.

    The people want the Govt. to do highly detailed investigations about the political/job history of Each and Every `Suddha` before they set foot in Sri Lanka.

    The People of Sri Lanka feel that the Tiger Diaspora will send a `white` Suicide Bomber who will take the live`s of say, the Army Commandor or the Defense Secretary..

  • 27 Jul 2008 05:24:35 GMT

    we have heard this before , say something original like `gosl should lay down arms and come for peace talks`. better still, shut up. EU has done enough damage - banning the ltte thereby starting this phase of the war.

    actually it`s not too late to make amends, impose sanctions, cut off all aid and withdraw gsp+

  • 27 Jul 2008 05:37:25 GMT

    Soon VP will escape to Middle east and find a job in slaughter house as he has good experience in this type of job.