Getting ready for a beggar`s at-home

  • 16 Jul 2008 20:18:46 GMT

    For all these waste of money better if MR&Co could fetch some more MPs from the opposition.

    Rogues Rulllllz

  • 17 Jul 2008 02:06:01 GMT

    The whole exercise is similar to Wearing thick Diapers as a Treatment for Dysentery, in very crude terms.

  • 17 Jul 2008 02:16:49 GMT

    If we expect this country to see political decency, then the preferential `list` of political parties should be abolished.

    Moreover if and when an Elected politician from one political party crosses over to another party, then he/she does not represent the will of the citizens therefore he/she should automatically lose the office and all the privileges and also he/she should pay back all the income extracted from the citizens. Otherwise in a country like Sri Lanka, the whole election procedure is open to corruption by political thugs, hooligans and political family members.

    Gradually the politicians and thugs, have taken over the entire administration (CSE, Civil service) the constitution shoud be revised to keep all politicians out of day to day administration of the country.

    Right now the entire system is corrupted and it stinks.

  • 17 Jul 2008 04:54:27 GMT


    One of most dangerous & worst cities in the world to live!!

  • 17 Jul 2008 06:16:02 GMT

    Agreed... but Colombo is the best city in the world for corrupted politicians, political thugs, hoodlums and family politicians because they get protection, they can annihilate their enemies legally and of course they can have anything in the corrupted.

  • 18 Jul 2008 09:08:52 GMT

    [Pavements in Colombo are not for pedestrians` use. They are there for hawkers to ply trade and for the CMC to put up hoardings. In some areas in the city, metal structures bearing bill boards sit right in the middle of sidewalks and pedestrians run the risk of banging against them and getting their faces smashed. ]

    Very true.

  • 21 Jul 2008 21:44:00 GMT

    The roads running close to presidential residences are very clean and neat also respective ministers has seen that the similar been done next to their houses.Top jobs have been given to family members and children were given best schools in Colombo.

    Having been done the priorities next comes the rest. Champika has apparently promised to president to make the visitors route clean during the SAARC summit.Visitors on their en route will see only the beautiful Sri Lanka.

    After the summit every thing will be let loose and public been advised to tighten their belts and tolerate this hard time with patient as the normalcy will return soon after the summit until next summit.