Mendis is no ordinary spinner: Mallett

  • 12 Jul 2008 05:35:54 GMT

    We must thank SL Army again for unearthing this young talent.

  • 12 Jul 2008 07:11:31 GMT

    Less known Mendis going through the scaning.../

    Have seen Bishan Singh Bedi Evaluating Mendis...a severe critic of Murali.

    It`s too early to throw this lad to a star spinner slot,as he has less or not throne in fast tracks.

    As Even Murali has not done well against Aussie wickets.If some one take out his tallies against Desh and Zimbos he stays far behind.

    Shane Warne is the highest over rated bowler,but he is not matching Kumble or Vettori.

    still to see how Tendulkar going to deal with him,as one of the best batsmen against spin.

    Or any comment from De Silva Srilankan best against spin..?

  • 13 Jul 2008 09:24:48 GMT

    With such positive comments from Bedi & Mallet, I think now cricket have to consider Ajanta as a top class spinner.... buddy, impressing Bedi is not an easy thing....

    I`m sure, Indians are under real pressure right now preparing to face Ajanta.... meantime, I`m sure Ajanta is also working on his variations.....he has to improve a lot to trouble Indian seniors like Sachin, Ganguly, Laxman, Yuvi in a test....

    therefore, Indian tour to SL will be a real challange & a test for young Ajanta,,, if he could trouble well Indians this time, SL can seal a historic win over India in test cricket, plus, he can be globally considered as a top class spinner..

    Ajanta, real challenge is yet to come.... all the best boy...

  • 15 Jul 2008 06:48:36 GMT

    Mr. Brown.......

    Are you OK with Beautiful`s posts here...... I think against LNP regulations