73,000 Lankan Tamil refugees have been given shelter in India.

  • 27 Jun 2008 07:19:32 GMT

    Counterstrike: The last gamble of the Tamil Tigers


  • 27 Jun 2008 07:20:14 GMT

    [no child labour please]


  • 27 Jun 2008 07:23:08 GMT

    [as they were caught in the conflict between the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and the LTTE, the State government officials, driven by compassion, are left with no other alternative but to admit them in the refugee camps. ]

    If the felt real compassion - they would not calculate. If they are complaining now - then they were not driven by compassion

    Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam - Australian Tamil with Indian relations.

  • 27 Jun 2008 07:23:38 GMT

    [He has rightly instructed the police officials not to allow those who attempt to disturb the security and sovereignty of the country]


    Marksman - an Earthling

  • 27 Jun 2008 07:26:51 GMT

    [The ancient text of Kautilya s Artha Shastra , which holds very good for a country s governance even in today s circumstances, says that Refugees have to be compulsorily sheltered at the borders only and they should never be allowed inside the territory .]

    a must read for western countries

  • 27 Jun 2008 07:29:49 GMT

    [The Central intelligence officials have confirmed the unholy nexus and communication network between the LTTE, Maoists and Jihadis.


    the birds of a feather...

    marksman - Sri Lankan Sinhalese with stupid tamil friends

  • 27 Jun 2008 07:30:09 GMT

    When ltte is gone, these tamils can return.It is the ltte that cause the problem of their existance in NE.Their war against SLA makes the horrible situation to have normal life in NE.

  • 27 Jun 2008 07:33:26 GMT

    [but no child labour please......]

    Will ya ask from ltte as well.

    [No more child fighters please....dear ltte]

  • 27 Jun 2008 07:34:23 GMT

    June 27 (NIP) By barring Sri Lankan Tamil refugees from owning property in the State, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has forfeited his status as the leader of the world Tamils, says P Chandrasekaran,a Sri Lankan minister for community development and leader of the Indian Origin Tamils. In a letter to Karunanidhi, the leader of the Up Country Peoples` Front (UPF) said the CM had done what was not attempted even by the West.

  • 27 Jun 2008 07:36:19 GMT

    [73,000 Lankan Tamil refugees have been given shelter in India. ]

    I was surprised to see Tamil children were involved in child labor. Tamil Nadu Tamils are exploiting SL Tamil children. If VP had been there the children could have been on the front line. he he