Plan to close down fuel guzzling Kelanitissa power plant

  • 26 Jun 2008 08:07:18 GMT

    Legislators are not the main reason for energy resources.failliers in all energy sectors due to high demand highlights, policies bureaucrats followed.

    World is leading to wards new inventions to meet green friendly energy.

    Delaying Kothmale project one reason for the High cost of electricity Sri Lanka paying for.

    Kelanithissa was a make shift supply years before which is not going to help anymore.

  • 26 Jun 2008 10:27:56 GMT

    As an immediate solution, CEB, CPC etc. should examine the viability of importing Ethanol from countries like Brazil where they produce/blend ethanol up to 90% with Fossil fuel such as Diesel and Gasoline. I.e. 90% Ethanol to 10% Diesel/Petrol.

    Then in parallel we should promote ethanol production using sugar cane. Sugarcane can be grown even as a mixed cultivation that could be a boost to village economy. This is viable in countries such as Brazil and Canada. In Canada instead of sugar cane they use Corn.

    Both Solar energy and Wind power is generated in large scale in the US and cheaper technology/equipment can be imported from China. Bonus is all above mentioned power is pollution free.

    However the politicians must be kept out because they have done practically nothing constructive to this country They simply enjoy free benefits.

    Also the obsolete technology of our one and only refinery should be upgraded to produce LPG and other fuels that can be blended with Diesel and Gasoline.

  • 26 Jun 2008 15:38:01 GMT

    If CEB is Privatized,just as in the developed countries then they could raise the required capital in the free market and follow some of the suggestions made above by WITANE.Bringing in stability and harmony to country could pave the way to have a nuclear reactor.

    I am glad the gosl have chased out some Buddhist priests with water cannon.That`s the way to go about as they are as stupid and worthless as the separatist who want to carve out a terrorist state.There`s no room for religious hegemony or separatist politics in that wonderful paradise.

    Politicians to have no right or in getting involved with infrastructure projects in the country,unless they are there to fleece the country.Stick to the parliamentary affairs I say!

  • 27 Jun 2008 01:35:55 GMT

    If the GOSL can talk to any useless, power hungry and greedy politician to cross over at state expense, then they should be able to talk to Buddhist priests too without gassing and water-treatment.

    Two wrong actions will not yield one right action.

    Buddhist Priest going to streets is equally wrong.

    They should not bring disgrace to Lord Buddha.