Pillaiyan, Hisbullah and communal boobytraps

  • 29 May 2008 16:29:32 GMT

    Mahinda in engineering Communal violence and then he will crown sinhalese.

    but this time arround things will change to bad to worse.

  • 29 May 2008 16:59:36 GMT

    [ The success of the Eastern PC hinges on the ability of Pillaiyan and Hisbullah to work together and prevent such unfortunate incidents as were reported recently from occurring in the future.]

    The unholy alliance of Mahinda Rajapakse and Pillayan or Pillayan and Hizbullah that was basically hatched to enslave the minorities by legitimising the grand plan of resting the sole power with the president of the majority community, who determines who heads the PC and sacks or dissolves it whenever he feels like is not democracy of the minorities but dictatorship of the Sinhala president.

  • 29 May 2008 17:02:31 GMT

    [ His election has facilitated the full implementation of the 13th Amendment, the remedy that India has prescribed


    As the coolie Ananthasangaree said 13th Amendment was the prescription for a headache in 1987 but `the headache` has grown to a cancer in 2008 which needs operation or removal of the cancerous growth.

  • 29 May 2008 17:46:22 GMT

    [[ but the mind of patient was not ready to take the medicine. The external medicine is only a small part of the cure. The core is the mind of the patient. Indian doctors would connect more quickly to Tamil patients than any other foreign group of doctors. ]]

    Exactly, Tamil - mentality is partly Indian mentality.

    As Gaja said, Tamil Patient can not be cured by any political solutions. that is just a losing effort. 13th amendment consolidate the INdia`s wishes and needs and nothing else. It will not work for Sri Lanka.

  • 30 May 2008 05:29:52 GMT


    [13th amendment consolidate the INdia`s wishes and needs and nothing else.]

    True. But India is the best external doctor we can find because of Tamil Nadu. Lankan Tamils invest in India every day through many common activities shared with Tamil Nadu. There is no other to compare with that. But eventually, we have to find our own solution. The mind of the Lankan Tamil must be strong to cure him/herself.