Mastermind behind attack on naval ship killed?

  • 15 May 2008 23:33:53 GMT

    How come we did not see the funeral pics on Tamilnet ?

    Oh I miss seeing blown up Velu`s pic with these idiots who died, who were calling themselves Lt Cols or whatever.

    Velu..Do one of those MGR acts from a movie, like when a mate dies bevause of the opposition... Then talk to your bretheren in that unpolished `Dadan badan` Tamil accent..

    By the way, they may well be employees of some NGO . So we should await patiently to see the BBC , The leader and other `western` media says Sri Lankan army killed innocent civilians.

    Remember `Irasyiah Ilantharian was not available for comment ` ..He was rubbing some Thala Thel..

  • 16 May 2008 00:20:51 GMT

    This news should be on the top of the page why it is not in top all ther others are bringing to top and news like this do not? what is the basis for publish?

  • 16 May 2008 00:30:22 GMT

    [This news should be on the top of the page why it is not in top]

    Because very few believe it.

  • 16 May 2008 00:46:43 GMT

    Its quite funny how gullible sri Lankans are

    Sinhalese are so happy when GOSL releases number of dead Tamils ( not necessarily LTTE) and Tamils on the other hand news from Tamil Diaspora.Both you guys are missing a funder mental point. You guys are killing your own people. Just take a minute and Analise why this problem came about. Its discrimination againt an ethnic group due to their cultural identity? Don`t you think some gutsy Sinhalese political come forward and say, bugger the JHU, JVP, LTTE, hence i am offering a devolution package to solve the problem???

  • 16 May 2008 01:30:59 GMT

    [Both you guys are missing a funder mental point.]

    Funder mental point!!

    Tamil`s fundamental problem is a mental problem being brain washed in a dish washer.

    Sure LTTE is not getting enough funding from mentally deranged Diaspora these days.

    [discrimination againt an ethnic group due to their cultural identity?]

    Tamils distinguished them sleves from Simghalese with a cultural identity asking for a 50/50 power share when their was no discrimination to them at all. Similarly they distinguished them selves from Singhalese through their cultural identity and discriminated Sinhalese ,protesting them coming to the dry zone for cultivation of the crown lands of Sri Lanka calling it a Tamil home land.

    This is where Tamil racism made a mockery of Tamil identity. Iti s fundamentally a Tamil mental problem.

    Singhalese only act was discriminatory an unacceptable. However Tamils were able to have primary , secondary, and higher education in Tamil language. Tamil language was made the working language in the North and East where the Tamil speaking people are the majority.

    Discrimination to university admission of Tamils lasted media wise and district basis less than 3-4 years, from 1971 to 1975. When Tamils took up arms to carve a Tamil Eelam there was no dissemination to Tamils in education at all.

  • 16 May 2008 02:00:39 GMT

    Our intelligence in North is very poor. One time Naval commander Sandagiri confirmed Prabhakaran was killed. After some time he appeared in a funeral proving military inteligence are fabricating stories. This may be another such story.

  • 16 May 2008 05:24:03 GMT

    [Our intelligence in North is very poor.]

    Not a disgrace at all when even Super Powers like United states and Russia make big blunders in their intelligence.

    One of the very innovative thinking of Tamil mendacious propaganda machinery is, deception in every aspect. They are very capable of exaggerating events and deceiving the public without any shame as it is the common practice of politics in Sri Lanka which no body seems to have any responsibility for what they do or speak.

    On the down side of it , the Tamil mendacious propaganda is not winning a war they have invested on but turned out to be an utter failure.

  • 16 May 2008 08:42:38 GMT

    Now it`s time to look for the mastermind who was behind the bomb blast in Fort a shortwhile ago!

  • 16 May 2008 08:46:29 GMT

    [Mastermind behind attack on naval ship killed?]

    One less deputy bull to worry about.

  • 16 May 2008 08:55:53 GMT

    No pic on tamilnut? Reason, they were LTTE`ers not cows and chickens!