Sri Lanka Hospital allegedly dumps patient on road

  • 7 May 2008 02:29:59 GMT


    [What we have to do is pick all them up and reside in refuge camps and provide them basic needs]

    You may not be aware, but in a town known as Rideegama in southern Sri Lanka an agricultural colony for beggars was set up by the Ministry of Social services some time ago, but many beggars do not want to go there as their lives as beggars in Colombo or other principle cities was more `easy` and `lucrative`, also it was found that they found it cumbersome and a nuisance to be keeping house and they resented exherting themselves tending to livestock and other agricultural farming work in the colony.

    Strange but true!

    Koodallanwa mettey thiyala hadanda behe!

  • 7 May 2008 05:35:49 GMT

    Both replies have their merits. You cannot accommodated beggars or refugees in a hospital.

    This is a very sensitive issue and there should be some institution to look after the poor and feeble.

    So called beggars frequenting the city would not move as they earn much more than an average Govt. Servant without an liabilities.

  • 7 May 2008 06:16:28 GMT

    [An elderly homeless man who was admitted to the Panadura hospital by the police had allegedly been chucked out by hospital staff yesterday. ]

    Lassana Sri Lanka.!

    Good humanity!

  • 7 May 2008 06:20:01 GMT

    [There are many more dying at home due to lack of support of carers.All these are the features of deep poverty. ]

    AMIGO will disagree with you and will deny there is no one suffering from poverty and there is no shortage of food.

  • 7 May 2008 07:08:00 GMT

    If he is sick then he should be given propeer medical care.

    If not like magnum stated they should be sent to the colony

    and made to work.But the article says `a feeble old man`,

    then the best place would be a home for the aged.

  • 7 May 2008 07:58:42 GMT

    MAHADEVA you are extremely wrong.

    Most of Sri Lankan are born inhering poverty.About 20Yrs back I had chances of visiting many part of Sri Lanka with my dad.In short ` poverty ` is a good term to discribe them.

  • 7 May 2008 08:34:49 GMT


    [no one suffering from poverty and there is no shortage of food]

    May be you see it that way because you are rich and well off!

    There certainly is a shortage of rice with SATHOSA allowing only 2 1/2 kilos per person. Many retailers do not have rice for sale and supermarkets do not have the ordinary rathu kekulu or sambha but only the Basmati that only the rich can afford! Of course one could say a shortage of rice is not a shortage of food, which is correct in one way!

    However to say no one suffers from poverty in Sri Lanka cannot be agreed with by any means! For eg: do the shanty dwellers in the Modera Mattakkuliya areas or those living in the Wellawatta Canal Bank areas or at any Tsunami camp suggest anything to you about `suffering in poverty`?

  • 7 May 2008 20:40:21 GMT

    Just wondering, why only all the talk about rice, I am of the impression that the only thing people eat in SL is rice. Sorry, but seems very unhealthy to me. Start growing your own vegetables, shouldn`t be a problem with your weather all year through. Get some chickens and you have eggs, and a chicken once a year. Buy a calf or cow together and you will have fresh milk for your children everyday. Do I have to go on? Start growing potatoes, do something when you cannot afford the rice anymore because your governement is messing up and your country is suffering from mismanagement.