Sri Lanka Cabinet downsized

  • 1 Apr 2008 06:36:20 GMT

    Is he ok? A wrong information?

  • 1 Apr 2008 07:20:50 GMT

    So this is the APRIL 01 NEWS???????

  • 1 Apr 2008 07:49:22 GMT

    Will never happen. They will have the same portfolios under different names. (State Ministers, Senior Ministers, Distrcit ministers etc.etc)

  • 1 Apr 2008 08:15:15 GMT

    The term `The size of the cabinet` is misleading when we have a countless number of deputies and non-cabinet bandits lining their pockets from public money. The only, only reliable/acceptable indicator is how many of these thugs are leeching the public purse, including all types of cabinet, non-cabinet and deputy vermin.

    `Pruning the cabinet` means nothing at all. Tell me I am wrong on this.

  • 1 Apr 2008 13:33:15 GMT

    April meeharaka (fool).

  • 1 Apr 2008 14:01:53 GMT

    The big cabinet cut down to a compact size.Good!

    Hope the bad ones are weeded out.

    Now for some progress!

  • 1 Apr 2008 16:36:12 GMT

    This is another April Fool.

  • 1 Apr 2008 18:19:14 GMT

    It`s wonderful to go to the Pre-1977 cabinet size but then we also have to go to the pre-1977 election system (first past the post, British system).

    It is impossible to Reduce the cabinet size while hanging on to the JR-Traitor Ranil Propotional Representation system of elections.

    Only Prabhakaran and Traitor Ranil will benefit by such a move.

    Govt. is nuts if they think they can reduce the cabinet size while hanging on to the PR system.

    Hope this is an April Fool`s joke.

  • 1 Apr 2008 21:24:55 GMT

    [Sri Lanka Cabinet downsized]

    The Sinhala & Tamil New Year Gift hamper for the country.

    Thank you Mahinda Maama!!

    But this `marvelous` news came on a very bad day....on April Fool`s day.

    Can we expect more presents in the near future???

  • 1 Apr 2008 21:51:12 GMT


    [As our readers would by now know, our Page 1 story Cabinet downsized was only an April Fool s joke. We are sure our readers took it in the right spirit and hope it did not send any Cabinet Minister to hospital with a heart attack.]