Believe it or not!

  • 2 Mar 2008 02:42:54 GMT

    Corruption and Tamasha at highest levels has been the curse of this country making life unliveable for the ordinary man with prices of goods sky-rocketing.

    In Thailand, a 76 year old grandma earning $185 per month ( Rs.19000) finds it insufficient and has to sell her gold to survive. See:

    Sri Lankan grandmas earning that much won`t have to do that yet, but how long will it take Sri Lanka to level up with fellow Buddhist Thailand if GOSL turns a blind eye to Corruption and Tamasha?

    How sensible is it for any patriot to give the govt. a free ride on Corruption and wrong governance only because the govt. is fighting terrorism?

  • 2 Mar 2008 02:49:50 GMT

    [Can any one believe that this money was not stolen but was spent.]

    Don`t you trust your own people?